Chris Chan Case Investigated by Grand Jury

Online sources claim that the grand jury will hear Chris Chan’s case. A Reddit user announced today that the video blogger’s case was “approved by a grand jury” following a letter of confirmation from a law clerk. There is no internet evidence of an official announcement. However, online users believe that reports of YouTubers’ expected exams are accurate.

Christine Weston Chandler, also known as Chris Chan, was detained in Richmond, Virginia, in August. The author was detained without bail after it was revealed that she had had sex with her 79-year-old mother, who had dementia. The Internet celebrity admitted during her phone chat that she had sex with her mother “every three days”.

In a recorded phone call, Chandler claimed that her mother “moveed first” and that she was “a bit embarrassed” about the action itself. She also claimed that it took “a few tries” to do it correctly.

The Green County Sheriff’s Office confirmed in a Facebook post that the video blogger had been charged with a felony incest, and confirmed the arrest of Christian Chan. It is not yet known if Chandler has been charged with more crimes.

Reddit user u/pt924 recently shared a conversation with a law clerk who inquired about Chris Chan’s hearing condition. In a message, a Reddit member claimed:

“This case has been approved by a grand jury,” she said. All right, everyone. Chris-chan will be on trial.

Platform users said they fully understand that other online users will not trust them. But “I got it when I called.”

YouTuber SmokeyMcC also uploaded an audio clip of his conversation with a law clerk today in a video titled Chris Chan Going to Trial – The Prison Saga. The clerk also claimed that Chandler’s case was “approved to the grand jury.”

What is a grand jury? All Details About Chris Chan’s Expected Trial

According to Merriam-Webster, a grand jury examines evidence collected about suspects in criminal cases. After examining the evidence, if appropriate, the defendant is formally prosecuted, followed by trial. On the website the grand jury is described as follows:

“The prosecution of a person accused of a crime is investigated, and if the evidence is supported, a jury will formally prosecute it, and the accused will be tried later.”

Despite examining the evidence presented against the alleged offender, the grand jury ultimately does not determine the alleged offense or the nature of the offender. Their sole responsibility is to determine whether a person can be prosecuted early in the case.

The grand jury has the power to coerce witnesses and obtain relevant information.

In the case of Chandler at the time this story was written, the number and identities of the jury are unknown. The grand jury’s deliberation was not recorded for public viewing, and this information was not disclosed.

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