Chris Chan prison escape meme goes viral on social media, netizens react

Rumors have surfaced on the Web that Chris Chan has stepped down from the police and remains in court. The creator of Sonichu was reportedly arrested in August 2021 on charges of incest. The YouTuber was arrested by police in Richmond, Virginia, and held without bail after it was found that he had an intimate physical relationship with his 79-year-old mother with dementia.

A jury-backed conjecture about the Christian Chan case that was posted on the web at the end of July. She was finally facing trial, a year after her arrest. Anyway, Chris Chan was out of custody before the trial. On August 28, 2022, a Twitter user named @ibismojo72 posted a video on social media platforms with the caption ‘CHRIS CHAN HAS ESCAPED’. The video revealed Chris crawling out of a bathroom window five minutes before the trial. She also added that she had been missing for five hours at the time the video was posted and that the pursuit is ongoing. The tweet went viral as ‘Chris’ became a trend on the social media platform Twitter. As rumors of her escape surfaced on Twitter, Reddit was equally not far behind.

Who is Chris Chan and what is Chris Chan Prison Escape Meme?

Internet person Christine Weston Chandler, called Chris Chan, has leaked audio recordings suspected of containing Christine Weston Chandler, 39, who admitted to having sex with her 79-year-old mother. He was later arrested and charged with incest. Christine Weston Chandler became famous online for creating the early web meme ‘Sonichu’, a scary mix of the video game cartoon characters Pikachu and the Sonic Hedgehog. Christine Weston Chandler is known as one of the biggest targets of trolling and cyberbullying on the web.

Chris Chan’s mother was later diagnosed with welfare by the police and taken to the hospital. An emergency protective order has been issued and Chris has been asked not to visit Barbara until August 5, 2021. In Virginia, having sex with a mother is a grade 5 felony. A Virginia court could identify the alleged assault as similar and send Chris to 10 years in prison.

According to Internet culture site KnowYourMeme, Chris Chan has been active on the web since around 1999, but it wasn’t until 2007 that she became famous through word of mouth for trolling. It is believed that Sonichu’s image was shared on fringe bulletin board 4chan, which resulted in a disparaging article about Chris Chan in the pseudo-Wikipedia-troll dataset Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Chris Chan Prison Escape is a meme that began with an unconfirmed report that Chris escaped from a courthouse or prison shortly before the trial began. However, it is generally seen as a bogus report, and the majority enjoy discussing Chris Chan about what he could achieve and what he is doing later on. Internet users rushed to ridicule the speculation that the webtoon creator escaped the police and flooded social media platforms with funny memes from Chris Chan.

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