Chris Noth returns to acting after sexual assault allegations

Chris North recently returned to the stage after being accused of sexually harassing a woman.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Chris North returns to acting after scandal

Chris North took the stage while reading Eugene Ionesco’s The Rhino at St. James’ Place in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Reportedly, he produced, directed and starred in Reading. Also, according to the audience, North was the ‘perfect stage actor’.

An insider revealed the crowd’s cheers for North’s performance.

They ‘get a good response. He received a standing ovation at the end.’

Local talent for cast members in sold out productions is not included. He worked with producer Elizabeth Aspenlieder for the show.

The 67-year-old actor also uses social media to tease modern classics. He shared an interview with Rural We.

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In an interview, Noth said, ‘I’ve been wanting to do this for years and was getting closer to producing at the Chichester Festival Theater in England. Then Corona came and people really didn’t want to see it. [avant-garde playwright] Ionesco.’

Still, the source manager was getting viewers gearing up to watch the show on Saturday weekend.

They went on to say Noth was ‘very happy with the show’.

The official said, “Theatre is his main love. Everyone loved it. He plans to publish a future work of this play.’

This is Noth’s first public performance after being kicked out of several shows and series.

Find out more about Chris North’s scandal

Chris North is accused of raping several women earlier this year.

According to an article in The Hollywood Reporter, a woman nicknamed Zoe claimed that Noth ‘raped herself from behind’ in 2004.

Another woman who went by the name Lily also mentioned that North assaulted her in her New York apartment in 2015.

After that, as more women came out to criticize the star, Noth was fired from CBS’s The Equalizer.

In addition, a scene from North in the final episode of Season 1 of the Sex and City reboot, and edited as-is. Therefore, his character Mr. Big died in the first episode itself.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Davis issued a joint statement to address the issue.

They wrote, ‘I am deeply saddened to hear of the allegations against Chris Noth.’


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