Chris Pine is going viral for his reaction during an interview with Harry Styles.

Chris Pine became a viral meme on social media after fans noticed his reaction while Harry Styles answered reporters.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Chris Pine ‘separates’ during an interview with Harry Styles

Recently, a video of a joint interview between Chris Pine and Harry Styles in the movie ‘Don Wary Darling’ is circulating on the Internet.

It shows the 42-year-old actor seemingly nauseous while the Styles, who he co-starred in an interview, talk about their new movie.

Moreover, while Pine is staring at the ground with a blank expression, the 28-year-old singer said, ‘My favorite thing about this movie is that it… It feels like a movie,’ he said.

A former member of One Direction said, “Actually, it feels like going to a movie theater. Why go to see something on the big screen?

Moreover, it is highly likely that this clip will appear at the red carpet premiere of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ held at the Venice Film Festival.

Pine and Styles walked the red carpet with actress Florence Pugh and director Olivia Wilde.

Fans react to Chris Pine’s gap during Harry Styles’ interview

Many users have used social media to joke about the incident, suggesting that Chris Pine was ‘separating’ when Harry Styles was talking.

One fan wrote, ‘I think I can see the screams fill my throat’.

A second user said, ‘I understand you, Chris Pine. I also want to cut ties with what’s going on around me.’

Writer Nichole Perkins also tweeted, “Chris Pine looking like a white suburban mom in the morning after a jag crying on a wine night. Remove puff and separate.’

Another said: ‘I’ve been a big fan of Chris Pine for nearly 20 years. So I consider myself an expert. And I can confidently say that he is reconsidering all his life choices here. It literally separates you from your surroundings.’

Another user commented on ‘why Chris Pine appears to be reluctantly preparing a tribute for the 74th Hunger Games rn’. They were referring to the Hunger Games character Haymitch Abernathy, played by Woody Harrelson.

Someone added that Pine was ‘going through a joker moment’ while the watermelon sugar singer spoke.

On the other hand, Better Health argued that ‘dissociation’ is a mental process that separates from thought. It is often experienced by people who have been traumatized.


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