Chris Rock and Lake Bell on a romantic walk in Santa Monica

Chris Rock seems to be making the latest news. This time about his relationship status.

The Saturday Night Live alumni may have subtly confirmed their new romance with Bell Lake after they were spotted taking a romantic stroll on Santa Monica Beach earlier this week.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Chris Rock and Lake Bell have been caught up in dating rumors.

On Tuesday, July 6, Chris Rock and Lake Bell were caught walking past Shutter On The Beach, enjoying the sea breeze.

TMZ sources said the couple did not show a PDA of any kind, but eyewitnesses claim that Rock and Bell appeared to be walking too close to each other.

According to the agency, ‘The relationship between the comedian and the actress seems to be getting serious.

Besides, this is not the first time the two have been seen together.

Rock and Bell’s romantic walk begins shortly after they’ve spent a couple of romantic weekends in Los Angeles.

On July 3, the 57-year-old actor and Bless This Mess star was spotted taking a bite at a Coast restaurant.

In addition, on July 2nd, Rock and Bell visited the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. It is said that the two arrived at 8:45 pm and left the restaurant after eating for almost two hours.

Moreover, eyewitnesses claimed that the two were holding hands as they exited an upscale Italian restaurant. However, they were attacked by the paparazzi and let each other go.

Rock and Bell are St. They sparked dating rumors after attending a Cardinals match at Louis’ Busch Stadium. The pair sat together in the box and tried to maintain a low profile throughout the game. Nevertheless, they flashed toned smiles at each other, suggesting that they were enjoying each other’s company.

Past relationship between Chris Rock and Lake Bell

Lake Bell was previously married to tattoo artist Scott Campbell. They married in 2013 but confirmed their breakup in October 2020. Additionally, they share a 5-year-old son Osgood and a 7-year-old daughter Nova.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, ‘Together 9 years, married 7 years, twinkling children…

Chris Rock
Credit: TMZ

Chris Rock, on the other hand, walked the aisle with Malaak Compton-Rock in 1996. The couple welcomed two daughters together, 20-year-old Lola Simone and 18-year-old Zahra Savannah.

However, after 19 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2016. The Grammy-winning comedian admitted to having an affair the following year in a comedy special.

source: TMZ



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