Chrisean Rock says Blueface bit her lip and gave her black eyes.

Chrisean Rock accused Blueface of beating her and breaking her lips and nose, but claimed that within a day, Blueface was trying to save her. Chrisean Rock’s unpredictable relationship with Blueface sparked concern again among fans after a reality TV celebrity blamed the rapper for attacking him before making a U-turn and, in fact, blamed himself for the incident a day later. The young couple is involved in a violent quarrel that continues for months, accompanied by arrests, road fights and social media brawls. They promised to keep quiet about their hands, but in fact another fight broke out a month later.

Meanwhile, the Baddies South star was affected by another episode of brutality via Instagram Live on Saturday night. Tears streamed down Chrisean Rock’s visibly swollen face as Blueface claimed to have punched him in the face after sending a message to his boy. f###. This is a bust lip. Broken nose… you are lying. You’re a weird ass b####,” said Chrisean Rock. Then she ensured that her b #### ass n ####” beat her for texting her boy. She claimed to have attempted her escape from her car, but Blueface did not allow her. He said I needed to jump out of the car, so he pulled me in and hit me in the mouth. She added before the expression.

Chrisean Rock accused him of assaulting Blueface, but made a U-turn within a day.

Chrisean Rock accused Blueface of beating her and leaving her lips and nose popped, but as the day passed, he was convinced he was trying to save her. Her concerned fans encouraged Chrisean Rock to seek her support and leave her Blueface, but she returned to her social media a day later to revisit her own case. Chrisean Rock assured her rapper boyfriend that she was trying to save her from herself during her bad trip. All right, she started. She has no filters and no makeup. I had a terrible trip with Casamigos yesterday. Attempting to jump out of af###### vehicle on the highway. Blueface was preventing me from jumping out of the car. I believed b#### was trying to hoist f### out of the car, but he was trying to save me. I just… passed out.

She added a note explaining that she suffered a mental breakdown, but said it would cover emotional well-being and alcohol habits. Despite this, fans of the two shared their interest and toxic relationship via social media. Some have called for the cancellation of the upcoming Zeus reality TV show, Crazy In Love. One user said the Blue Face and Christian Rock shows should be canceled immediately. After her way he laid her hands on her tonight, it’s time for all of you to stop celebrating an abusive relationship and ditch IT! Another user said Blueface should go to jail. Chrisean Rock needs treatment. Also, anyone in the organization that promotes and produces that reality TV show could seriously go to hell.

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