Christine Quinn Is Not Returning For Sunset Season 6 Sale

Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn is officially leaving Netflix’s hit series

Here’s everything you need to know.

Christine Quinn leaves Selling Sunset after five seasons.

Several insiders close to Christine Quinn have confirmed that she will not appear in the upcoming season of Selling Sunset.

The show recently started serial production of seasons 6 and 7.

According to sources, Quinn is ready to move in a bigger and better direction.

They said, ‘Christine knew this day would come. She is proud of her hard work that went into making ‘Selling Sunset’ a success. But she could see herself phasing out of the cast even before they started filming seasons 4 and 5.’

Another source said, ‘Her goals are far greater than playing the villain in an ensemble reality series. She can’t wait to start the next chapter of her career and show the world who she really is.’

Quinn also mutually agreed to break up with Netflix.

Meanwhile, Quinn is one of the show’s main cast members. She revolves around the employees of the Los Angeles-based real estate firm Oppenheim Group.

She played a major role in the fifth season of Selling Sunset because of her relationship with Christian Richard and her rivalry with Chrishell Stause.

Christine Quinn threatened while filming Sunset Selling

According to a source, Christine Quinn’s decision to leave Selling Sunset came after show producer Adam DiBello threatened her.

An insider said, ‘After Christine revealed her feelings for Adam Devello. She has come to the conclusion that it would make sense for her to get off before season 6, based on a mutual decision with Netflix and the show’s producers.’

The 33-year-old reality star publicly criticized DiVello during her Call Her Daddy podcast in May.

In an interview, Quinn claimed that DiVello told him to ‘fall off the stairs’ after a heated argument.

‘We have to look at what Adam DiBello did as a whole, as a human being,’ said the real estate agent.

She also claimed that the creators of Selling Sunset told her to ‘fall down the stairs and commit suicide at one point’.

Selling Sunset was produced by Lionsgate and Done and Done Productions.

DiVello, Jason Oppenheim, Sundee Manusakis, Kristofer Lindquist and Skyler Wakil are all executive producers.

Also, the series’ spin-off, ‘Sell the OC’, will be released on Netflix screens on August 24th.



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