CodeMiko, JustAMinx, Botez Sisters Signed Optic Gaming

OpTic Gaming has signed up with popular Twitch content creators, sisters Botez, CodeMiko, and JustAMinx, following their latest announcement. Popular creators have become famous on social media for their content. Because they all have their own different content for the platform. But now we have a new deal with OpTic Gaming.

Read ahead to learn more about OpTic Gaming, signed by Botez Sisters, JustAMinx and CodeMiko.

Twitch content creator Botez sisters, a little about CodeMiko and JustAMinx

Twitch has some of the most amazing content creators in the world. The platform has female content creators, but the app also has good followers. Some of the top creators on the platform are the Botez sisters, CodeMiko and JustAMinx.

Starting with the Botez sisters, Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez are known for streaming chess-related content. CodeMiko became popular with VTuber streams on Twitch. However, she was recently banned from the platform. JustAMinx on the other side is famous on the platform for different types of streaming.

OpTic Gaming Signs Botez Sister, JustAMinx and CodeMiko

Botez sisters, famous social media stars and Twitch content creators, JustAMinx and CodeMiko, have found the next big deal with OpTic Gaming. In a recent announcement on the 24th of August. It was shared that OpTic Gaming has signed three Twitch content creators.

Don’t miss it. The deal with Envy resumed in January of this year. JustAMinx and CodeMiko went so far as to report that TikToker broke into the house and threw stones that threatened Minx.

Fan Reactions to Twitch Content Creators Covering OpTic Gaming

Undoubtedly, the Botez sisters, JustAMinx and CodeMiko have millions of fans on social media. But posting your deal with OpTic Gaming makes you even happier. Well, for those who don’t know about OpTic Gaming, it’s an American eSports organization. It contains various games.

Meanwhile, fans of Twitch female creators will be delighted to see them join the organization. However, it is still unclear whether the creators will change their residence or remain in their hometowns.

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