Cointelegraph Store: Introducing Bitcoin Pizza Day for Crypto OG

Twelve years ago, on May 22, 2010, programmer and early Bitcoin (BTC) miner Laszlo Hanyecz made history by trading 10,000 BTC for two big pizzas. It was the first real cryptocurrency transaction, and it received media attention and significantly legalized Bitcoin.

Inspired by a delicious turning point in decentralized finance, the Cointelegraph Store has created a new product line. And you don’t even need to tip the driver when they arrive.

Bitcoin Pizza Apron

The Bitcoin Pizza Organic Cotton Apron will cook a piece of fashion for a crypto chef in your life. Protect yourself from food accidents, heat and other kitchen challenges with this 100% organic cotton apron with an adjustable strap and a large front pocket with two compartments.

The Cointelegraph Unisized Apron is available in three colors: navy, black and rope (see below).

Bitcoin Pizza Clothing

If you need to keep warm or cool, the Cointelegraph Store can handle it for you. Choose from the brightly colored Unisex Bitcoin Pizza Tee, Bitcoin Pizza Tank Top or Bitcoin Pizza Hood. If your pizza is hot enough to be cold, there’s no reason you can’t either.

The Cointelegraph hoodie is available in Irish Green and Indigo Blue options to fit all sizes.

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Bitcoin Pizza Accessories

Sometimes in life you need a fun cipher taste. So, get cozy with the luxurious linen-like Bitcoin Pizza Pillow. The vivid print of the Bitcoin Pizza Tote bag makes carrying out easy. And with the Bitcoin Pizza Mug featuring a delightful pop of color in a classic ceramic coffee mug, you can’t go without a drink for your food.

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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with the Bitcoin Pizza Merchandise Collection. For you or someone you know who needs a hot, fresh new look, choose this exclusive décor. The Cointelegraph Store is ready to take your order.

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