College football anarchy is making more of what we don’t have than what we have.

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The road to the college football playoffs is on Wednesday. NCAA meeting with more than 12 members It is no longer necessary to divide the league into two divisions to determine the football champion, the winner will compete in a conference championship game.

Removing these restrictions is not a controversial move and is a necessary step for college football after the recent meeting realignment. It opened up the possibility of flexible meeting schedules, announcing that Pac-12 would immediately dump both departments without wasting time. Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey said removing the division will be a priority as the league expands to 16 teams in the next few years.

The 10-team Big 12 was the only Power Five conference without divisions, and the top two overall teams played in conference championship games with guaranteed regular season rematches. Disappearance of the Division is the final game of all other Power Five leagues. There are a number of teams across the country starting to plan to join the college football elite, which has become much more difficult to qualify for CFP. Which teams have played in the Conference Championship game before and will not play again if the division is eliminated? Here is our list.


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