Columbus Day 2022 funny meme trends on Twitter

With the arrival of Columbus Day, the Internet was buzzing with memes. The popular day has long been celebrated in honor of Christopher Columbus and his expeditions. But why have the same memes on the internet?

Read ahead to learn more about Columbus Day 2022.

Columbus Day and its meaning

Everyone has probably heard of Christopher Columbus. The man was a famous Italian explorer who came to America in 1492. Well, in history, Columbus and his story are easy to come by.

Due to his activities as an explorer, the second Monday in October is a day to remember him every year. It is called Columbus Day. Also, this year, Columbus Day is on October 10th. However, there was a demand from people to claim this day, not to celebrate Explorer’s Day, but to commemorate the indigenous peoples and their rights. Joe Biden’s manifesto also named the day Indigenous People’s Day.

Aboriginal Day 2022 2nd year

Because Aboriginal Day was just beginning to exist. We know this year will be the second year for Aboriginal Day. It’s not the debate over Columbus Day or Aboriginal Day that catches everyone’s attention.

As some argue for the fact that the day is not their holiday. Some say Columbus Day is a holiday. But all that aside. There is one more not to be missed that catches our all.

Columbus Day’s funny meme goes viral

With the debate between Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day. We all know that Columbus Day is a holiday that caused a funny meme on the internet. Besides, there are a lot of users on Twitter saying Columbus Day will give them a vacation.

Don’t miss it. The post office is closed for Columbus Day, October 10th. Because that day is a federal holiday in the United States. The USPS online service for label printing and stamping orders works as usual. Meanwhile, Bank of America and the Federal Reserve do not operate. The Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange operate as usual.

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