Conde Nast files $4 million lawsuit against Drake and 21 Savage for using ‘fake fashion cover’

Condé Nast, the publisher of the iconic fashion magazine, filed a $4 million lawsuit against Drake and rapper 21 Savage after Drake and rapper 21 Savage filed the false allegations of Vogue on the cover to promote their new album Her Loss. known to be Authentic-looking copies of the magazine went viral on social media, fake posters were installed in New York, and the issue spread in cities like Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Drake even posted a cover photo with the caption, ‘Me and my brother at the stall tomorrow!! Drake thanked Vogue Magazine and Anna Wintour for their love and support of this historic moment. Condé Nast, identified by Page Six following a lawsuit filed this week in Southern New York, sent rapper Drake and his team a cessation and suspension demanding that they stop unauthorized use of the Vogue trademark by deleting Instagram. They stopped disseminating this ‘magazine’ and issued a public statement explaining that this was not the actual cover of Vogue.

The mock magazine distributed in response to the lawsuit was a professional reproduction of Vogue’s October issue, with certain pages altered to superimpose a promotional logo for the defendant’s album. Others include photos. [veteran Vogue editor] Anna Wintour wasn’t a real problem and in one case manipulated Drake’s photo to moderate it. Court documents claim that Anna Wintour did not authorize the use of her photos to promote the defendant’s album. The paper also alleges that fake Vogues abused the magazine’s trademark and caused widespread public confusion. According to the lawsuit, fashion magazine publisher Condé Nast is seeking $4 million.

Who is Conde Nast?

Conde Nast is a major organization, not who. The business was founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose Nast and owned by Advance Publications. Conde Nast is a global media organization that owns several major brands such as Vogue, New Yorker and Vanity Fair. Based in New York and London, the media house has markets in 32 countries.

It also produces high-profile events such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, The New Yorker Festival, GQ Men of the Year, and Vogue Force of Fashion. that much official site Status: At Condé Nast, we praise the amazing. Creativity and a creative mind are at the heart of everything we do. Conde Nast likewise has ventures in education and entertainment, a European fashion and culinary school, and a production and distribution studio founded in 2011.

Drake and 21 Savage face a $4 million lawsuit over fake trendy covers.

Ahead of the release of Drake and 21 Savage’s collaboration album, Drake shared a Vogue cover highlighting herself, 21 Savage and Anna Wintour in a special October issue. He was more than just a fan, he was convincing enough to believe it and report it as it is in the press. Around the same time, the duo promoted Tiny Desk Concert and even interviewed Howard Stern.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Conde Nast claimed that Vogue and Anna Wintour had absolutely no support for the album Her Los, and in many cases requested that all promotions using the Vogue name be stopped. Variety reports that Conde Nast has filed a $4 million lawsuit against rappers Drake and 21 Savage for using her fake Vogue cover to promote her new collaboration album Her Loss. Conde Nast claims fake Vogue cover featuring Drake and 21 Savage was disapproved. The group sued the duo in federal court in Manhattan on Monday, November 7.

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