Congress is investigating the milk powder shortage and is calling for an answer from four companies, which control nearly 90% of the market.

  • Lawmakers have launched an investigation into milk powder shortages across the United States.
  • Four companies manufacture nearly 90% of formulas in the US market.
  • The move follows similar actions by the White House to address the growing crisis.

As American parents looking for formula increasingly hit empty shelves, lawmakers are starting to investigate the shortage.

Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Raja Krishnamoorthi said, “The national formula shortage poses a threat to the health and economic stability of infants and children and their families in communities across the country. We wrote letters to four major manufacturers of infant formula.

In a letter to Similac, Enfamil, Gerber and major generic label producers, they added, “It is important that your company does everything possible to increase official supply and prevent price spikes.”

These companies oversee together. almost 90% of the US market for official manufacturing.

Representatives are now looking for information about what is causing supply problems and what these companies are doing to provide formula to those who need it.

Their request comes after President Joe Biden’s new regulatory measures announced Thursday after meetings with major manufacturers and retailers.

Much of the current confusion dates back to product recalls and plant closures in February, when several children became ill from contamination that appears to have occurred at Abbott Nutrition’s facility in Michigan.

The company said on Wednesday that it was ready to resume production within two weeks if the FDA approved it. After that, it may take up to eight more weeks for the shelves to be fully restocked.

The White House also said it is putting pressure on agencies to increase imports of foreign milk powder, which now accounts for about 2% of milk powder consumed in the United States. Also, Canada especially discouraged From bulk exports of infant formula to the United States under the North American trade agreement advocated by President Donald Trump.

Last week was lacking hit a new highAccording to Datasembly, a grocery and retail price tracking company,

And at the end of this month, out of stock rates exceeded 50% in six states: Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Tennessee.

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