Congressman Gallego slammed after Texas school shooting: ‘Damn Ted Cruz’

Iraq War veteran and Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego was only able to swear at Senator Ted Cruz and his colleague Arizonan Kyrsten Sinema after a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Iraq War veteran Mr Gallego tweeted after a shooting took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, killing 19 children and two teachers.

Gallego said of the Republican senator representing Texas “to make it clear that you’re killing the @tedcruz bastard.”

Cruz had previously expressed his condolences on Twitter, but his criticism of his opposition to tighter gun controls was high.

“Heidi and I are fervently praying and praying for the children and families of the terrible shootings in Uvalde,” he tweeted. “We are in close contact with local officials, but the exact details are yet to be determined.

But Gallego didn’t leave his critique alone for Republicans. A Democrat, who is also a member of the House Progressive Caucus, also criticized Mr. Cinema.

Mr. Cinema expressed his condolences on Twitter after the shooting in Uvalde.

“We thank the first responders who acted horribly, heartbreaking and swift to the senseless tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Texas. No family should be afraid of violence in their children’s school.”

But Gallego, who is considering a first challenge for cinema in 2024, has strongly criticized cinema in favor of the filibuster, which requires a majority of votes to pass the 60-vote criterion in the Senate.

“Please just stop,” Gallego tweeted. “If you don’t want to break the filibuster to actually pass reasonable gun control measures, you’d be better off just saying ‘Think and pray’.”

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