Conor McGregor reacts to Deji’s boxing show against Mayweather

Conor McGregor showed his reaction to the Deji and Mayweather boxing exhibition that caught everyone’s attention. Well, boxing events are always worth seeing an event for everyone. But what caught everyone’s attention was the event in which Deji fights icon Floyd Mayweather. Now Conor McGregor has a reaction to it.

Read ahead to learn more about Conor McGregor’s reaction to the Deji vs Mayweather boxing exhibition.

Deji vs Mayweather Boxing Exhibition

Boxing fans love to see a good fight in the boxing ring every time. Well, with that same excitement we have another boxing event soon. Because YouTuber Deji and Floyd Mayweather are going to face each other. The two men’s boxing match not to be missed will be held in November this year.

The fact that Deji will face Floyd Mayweather this time was good news for all boxing fans. More recently, Deji also had a win over FouseyTube. Previously, he lost matches in a row. Meanwhile, there is the undisputed Floyd Mayweather, who has a huge fan base in the match.

Conor McGregor reacts to Deji vs Mayweather boxing exhibition

The boxing event between Deji and Mayweather is still ongoing. We have a lot of reactions to this match between the two of them. Recently, MMA star Conor McGregor had a reaction to the upcoming boxing event.

When a fan recently asked who Conor prefers in the Mayweather vs. Deji fight. The MMA star simply laughed at the question. Without a doubt, he probably favors Mayweather because he’s undoubtedly the most favored and most powerful man.

Who prefers whom in Deji vs Mayweather boxing match?

Recently, Conor McGregor laughed at a question from a Deji vs Mayweather boxing event. Many others have also responded to the event. Most favors are definitely going to Floyd Mayweather as he is an undisputed boxing icon.

Meanwhile, King Sejong Institute also supported Mayweather in this competition. Logan Paul said he would fight Deji if he did well against Mayweather. Meanwhile, attention is focused on the match between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva, which will be held in October.

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