Constance Wu tweeted about Fresh Off Boat.

What specifically did the actress tweet about the Fresh off the Boat series? Constance Wu is talking about her criticism she has received because of her own remarks.

It became a popular show because viewers thought Fresh Off-Boat exposed stereotypes while including various comic elements.

In light of this, people were delighted to hear that the show had been renewed for a sixth season. Everyone saw Constance’s tweet and came to believe that she wasn’t as happy as he was.

What was mentioned in Constance Wu’s tweet?

Fresh off the Boat was renewed for a sixth season in May 2019, raising fans’ expectations. But everyone was surprised by Constance’s tweet.

“I’m literally crying because I’m so upset right now,” the celebrity tweeted. hollywood reporter. uh. shit.” Constance responded to her fans saying that her show’s renewal was bad news for her.

She also posted a review on her Instagram, and he left a “dislike” comment on her story.

Constance Wu

The actress’ reaction to the backlash

Constance tried to defend her position after witnessing backlash online. The actress claimed that people were “assuming” what her previous tweet meant.

Constance argued that there was nothing unusual about the frequent use of the word “f**k” in her speeches. At the same time, she denounced allegations that she didn’t value the role or that she had no strong relationships with her fellow actors.

She continued, “Today’s tweet came after a hard day and the timing was not right with the program news. Please let me know how much I appreciate the FOTB renewal. I love the characters and crew. It is an honor to be involved. Thanks to everyone who supported me, including using the slang term “f**k” in public.

A few days later, Constance commented on a project he couldn’t complete due to his FOTB commitments and said he had to give up all future efforts.

Constance Wu admits to suicide attempt.

Constance said in a tweet that the hostility he experienced made him hesitant to use social media again. The actress went on to say that her experience led to her suicide attempt, but her friend intervened and took her to her emergency room, she continued.

Constance WuConstance Wu
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Constance added that in her direct messages, she received numerous hate messages calling herself “a catastrophe for the Asian American community.” Constance admitted that the words she didn’t name her had a profound effect on her mental health.

The actress is doing much better now and is promoting her book-making scene, which tells the story of her painful experiences and the value of asking for help.

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