Couple finds strange dog sleeping in bed

A Tennessee couple woke up and were startled to see a strange dog crouching in their bed and sleeping together.

Jimmy and Julie Johnson’s unexpected guests wandered through the back door accidentally opened and stayed together for the night.

“I crouched down by the bed and said, ‘No, no, that’s not our dog,'” Johnson said of how he found the dog when he woke up.

So she posted a message of the missing puppy on Facebook, and someone recognized their new friend as Nala.

“We said in a Facebook message, ‘Hey, my dog. What’s your address, I’ll be there in a few minutes,’ she added.

Johnson said the owner sent a photo of the dog as evidence.

“She sent me all kinds of pictures of her Christmas and with her dog,” she said.

Johnson learned that the dog had traveled two miles before deciding to settle with them for the night.

“Actually, I was still lying in bed and hugging Nala with her mother when she walked into the room,” said Jimmy Johnson.

Nala’s owner shared details about the dog’s adventures on Facebook.

“Our overly affectionate puppy Nala set an all-time high for ignoring personal space and added another trick to her long list of houdini acts. She went for a walk yesterday when her collar slipped and she ran to the neighbor’s house, and she somehow got into their house and got into bed with them in the middle of the night,” wrote Chris Hawkins.

“The woman and her husband have three dogs, all sleeping together in the bed. None of their dogs reacted to a random dog crawling into bed with them and the couple didn’t even realize it wasn’t the dog in bed with them until the sun started to rise.”

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