Courtney Stodden accused Bethenny Frankel of making a mockery of her.

Courtney Stodden accused Bethenny Frankel of mocking her in a 2013 interview.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Courtney Stodden blamed Bethenny Frankel for commenting on Kardashians.

Courtney Stodden used her Instagram handle to call Bethenny Frankel on Friday, September 2nd.

She said, ‘How about @bethennyfrankel for girls/women when you made me feel that you mocked me like that on your show when I was 19?’

Stodden most likely referred to when Frankel interviewed her on a talk show in 2013 ‘ridiculously’.

In an interview, Frankel told teen Stodden, ‘You look very promiscuous and I think the next step is to make a porn video. If this is how you market yourself.’

Meanwhile, Stoden wrote in his post, “I canceled all my interviews in New York and immediately returned to Los Angeles in tears. She didn’t try to help me and let the audience laugh at me. She hurt me deeply.’

She continued, ‘It also aggravated eating disorders by causing anxiety and depression. Idk, that’s just hypocritical.’

Moreover, Stodden’s message is in response to Frankel’s recent interview with TMZ.

In an interview, the 51-year-old television broadcaster noted that the posts the Kardashian sisters shared on social media were ‘not fair to women just trying to stand up’.

She labeled them ‘irresponsible’ and ‘reckless’.

Bethany Frankl reacts when Courtney Stoden calls her.

Bethenny Frankel sent a direct message on Instagram following a post where Courtney Stodden called her.

The 28-year-old media figure, on the other hand, shared screenshots of the text with 322,000 followers on social media platforms.

In the message, Frankel seemed fine with her words. ‘Unfortunately, the way we express ourselves is part of our branding and marketing,’ she said. You were marketing yourself differently than you are now that definitely seems to work for you.’

She continued, “I’m sorry if what I said offended you or offended you. Perhaps our conversation has contributed to a positive path for you to start.’

Still, Stodden suspects that Frankel’s message is not genuine.

Along with the screenshot, she wrote, ‘She is hunting women from side to side. That conversation helped fuel a public flame and got me on the internet about my personal life. No @bethennyfrankel you don’t deserve credit for my healing process!’


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