Cowboy’s Steven Jones on Postseason Success: ‘We won’t be at peace until we get over that hurdle’

The Dallas Cowboys will remain, now and forever, one of the most famous franchises in all professional sports. The team’s vast history of individuality, talent and success ensures a respected position.

But the problem with senior vice president Steven Jones is not in the ancient history, but in the club’s recent past. The Cowboys haven’t reached the NFC Championship game this century. Instead, we watched three collective Super Bowls go to their fellow NFC East competitions during that period. Jones is realizing that reality has to change. The same goes for fans and teams alike.

“We have to take the next step,” Jones told Adam Shine on Friday. Mad Dog Sports Radio. “And I think everyone on the team is from Mike. [McCarthy] And his coaching staff told Dak [Prescott] And the players all know we need to be successful in the postseason. That’s the final boss Our fans deserve it. To be sure, we will not find peace until we cross that hurdle.”

Jones reaffirmed his belief that the Cowboys are on the right track to do so. Dallas’ offense led the overall lead in both points and yards last season, and the once vicious defense under the command of new defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, after Micah Parsons’ Rookie of the Year campaign and Trevon Diggs’ 11 league-leading interceptions has evolved. Despite Mike McCarthy’s occasional lukewarm position, the team overturned the previous year’s 6-10 record with their best regular season record since 2016 (12-5).

“Well, we have the greatest respect for Mike. And like you said, we’ve had a lot of good things happen… Jerry and I don’t think there’s anyone better than someone who’s had so much success. No one else in this league than Mike McCarthy.” said Jones. “His record speaks for itself at Green Bay. I think he took the Packers three or four championship games. Obviously he won the Super Bowl, he really did it in the postseason at Green Bay, and he As you can see, “We took the opportunity to do that. We caught the ball twice in less than three or four minutes on the clock to win the game with one of the best offenses in the league, but we didn’t get the job done.”

The game mentioned by Jones, who lost a 23-17 wild card to the San Francisco 49ers at the home built by Jerry, is still another painful setback of the Dak Prescott era, still engraved in the hearts of Dallas loyalists. With 14 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys executed a quarterback draw play to move into field goal range, but left zero on the clock. Accidentally the Cowboys went home, and the 49ers scored another comeback goal at Green Bay next week, knocking them out of the NFC Championship game.

Despite heartache, a team with a proper foundation can and will grow out of setbacks.

“Oh, I think everyone in the cowboy gang thinks so. Top to bottom. I think everyone plays both drives.” When asked if the cowboys were motivated to leave the early postseason, Jones said. “I mean, we had the ball before and we went downhill in two minutes, but there wasn’t much stress on the clock. We had a good chance there. We had a healthy team,” he said. Dak, we had a healthy group of players. And, unfortunately, hated San Francisco. They worked defensively, but we didn’t get it done.”

26 seasons after Dallas’s last Super Bowl win, the figurative “hump” feels like a mountain, but the Cowboys will finally have the right mix of motivation, coaching and talent to reach the top.

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