Craig Robinson was forced to escape from a comedy club after a shooter raided the venue.

Comedian Craig Robinson was forcibly evacuated from a comedy club in North Carolina after a shooter opened fire in a theater.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Craig Robinson’s show was canceled after the shooter entered the venue.

Craig Robinson was due to perform at Comedy Zone, a local Charlotte club on Saturday night.

However, his show was canceled when police from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department reported that a man suspected of carrying a firefighter had entered the building.

Officials added that the shooter entered the arena around 9 p.m., wielding a gun and asking everyone to leave the club.

Craig Robinson
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Also, when the police arrived at the kitten, all staff and spectators were evacuated immediately.

Authorities also claim that no one was injured during the entire ordeal and the suspect has since been detained. The motive for this man’s behavior is still unknown.

“The police quickly evacuated, swinging a gun inside the workplace. The suspect then released his weapon. There were no injuries and the suspect was detained.’

Craig Robinson talks about the incident.

Following the incident, Craig Robinson recalled to fans concerned via his Instagram live. He said the shooter took him to the Metro Credit Union Amphitheater after entering the arena.

He said, ‘I’m performing at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte, North Carolina. The comedy club had an active gunslinger, so they moved us here… There’s a concert going on and it’s a big time rush, so I thought I’d share it with all of you.’

The comedian told his followers in the video, ‘I’m safe. I’m okay.’

Office graduates were ‘wild. I was in the green room and they said, ‘Everyone get out!’ It was a sure moment.’

Robinson commented on the situation in an Instagram post on Sunday.

He said, ‘About last night. Thank you to the Comedy Zone security team and staff for getting us to a safe place so quickly. Thank you to everyone who has given us your unstinting support and support.’

The Killing It Star continued, “Thanks to CMPD for arresting the culprit so quickly. I hope he gets the help he needs. Thank God no one was hurt. Stay safe everyone.”

Comedy Zone, where Robinson was scheduled to perform, also made a statement on Sunday.

They said the place would be closed until Sunday night. What’s more, they claimed they would refund tickets purchased for The Robinsons Show or Sunday sets.



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