Creator Clash 2 Officially confirmed amid the success of its predecessor

If you’re a fan of influencer boxing, you’ll definitely be delighted to know that Creator Clash 2 is on the way. Yes, it was hard to miss the smashing hit event Creator Clash that iDubbbz came to for a good cause. Because the sequel was certain. Hopefully, it’s happening now. So, what can we see in Creator Clash 2?

Read ahead to learn more about Creator Clash 2 and other details.

iDubbbz’s Creator Clash and Its Success

With 18 influencers on the event, Event Creator Clash was a success right out of the box. Because it was something different from a charity boxing event. Behind all of this was YouTuber Ian “iDubbbz” Washburn and his wife Anisa. The event has certainly become a hit that fans have wanted more of.

What was special about this event was that around 1,000,000 pay-per-view streams were sold. In fact, the venue was also filled with about 10,000 spectators. Most important of all, the event raised approximately $1.3 million for charity. Undoubtedly, their noble cause was adding more value to the event.

Creator Clash 2 Official Announcement

There’s been a lot of speculation about the Creator Clash 2 event, but it’s sure to be announced soon. Also, that success added another chance for a comeback, officially announcing that Creator Clash2 is in progress.

Well, if that excites influencer boxing fans. Then we can see Creator Clash 2 soon. A comeback date has not been announced yet. However, according to certain reports, the event is expected to take place sometime next spring. So fans will have to wait a long time.

Who do you think will be included in Creator Clash 2?

The next Creator Clash is just around the corner. We can’t wait to see who will appear in Creator Clash 2 next year. However, there is no official announcement on this. But you can get a hint as to who’s coming.

As before, there were about 18 creators. The next event is better and has a bigger scope. In fact, there may even be a streamer Valkyrie. Also, some female creators are willing to participate. So you may have a long list of new and old faces.

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