Creators on YouTube can finally gift their viewers a membership.

While waiting for Google IO 2022 news, YouTube announced a beta program where streamers of the service will be able to gift their viewers a membership.

as Google status support page, membership is a way to support these streamers while allowing them to enjoy benefits that other viewers may not have access to. It could be a monthly fee to bring in stickers, exclusive content, and more.

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This is similar to subscribing to a streamer on Twitch. You can benefit from this as well, but you can watch the stream without ads and have exclusive emoticons that you can use in live chat.

If you are on YouTube, you can use this. registration form For this beta program. It’s nice to see YouTube competing with Twitch, but it still has a long way to go for overall service.

Analysis: Time has passed but more work is needed

YouTube has been slowly rolling out features that help keep users away from competitors like Twitch and TikTok.

However, gifting memberships will be a huge boon for streamers looking to extend the loyalty their viewers have maintained. Because of this loyalty, everything may mean something to a fan of one channel, but having something that others don’t will also be a big draw.

However, the company has struggled a lot in recent years, with little communication on videos or channels that have been unannounced or turned off to monetize, blocking important sources of income for others.

Membership gifts are good news for those who want to give them away, but YouTube should start looking for unauthorized music and video clips, and looking at the copyright warning process that bans these videos for infringing most of the time.

So far the mix of new features feels blurry, but by the end of this year, at least, we hope we can see some progress toward supporting more content creators. And at least membership is a good starting point for that.

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