Creditspring offers loans with dues instead of interest. We raised $60 million using this 14 slide pitch deck.

  • London-based Creditspring has raised $60 million to expand its business offering.
  • The company focuses on subscription finance, where customers pay commissions in lieu of interest.
  • Creditspring has around 150,000 users in the UK.

Lending startup Creditspring has raised £48m ($60m) of new funding.

Founded in 2016, the London-based company offers credit products to its “close to good” customers. The company offers users loans up to two times a year with a fixed membership fee rather than interest. Creditspring says this is more transparent to borrowers.

For example, someone who wants to borrow £1,000 ($1,250) pays off the loan in fixed installments with £10 ($12.5) as a monthly dues. Membership rates are cheaper for microloans like £500 ($624) or £300 ($374), according to the company’s website.

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Fintech company

Creditspring is not backed by venture capitalists, but by individual investors, primarily high-net-worth individuals.

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Creditspring CEO Neil Kadagathur said he was an individual with a background in private equity and VCs.

Kadagathur told Insider: “When we first started we talked to VCs, but we didn’t want to be seen as a pure tech company. The state wanted to create a sustainable business model.”

With a new funding round, Creditspring has raised $79 million to date. However, the global economic downturn presented challenges. Ironically, after years of soaring tech valuations, Creditspring found it was attracting more investors by positioning it as “more than just a tech company”, and the company was “lucky enough to avert recent declines in tech stocks and valuations.” ,” said Kadagathur.

credit spring’s own research 1 in 6 UK adults (16%) say they will be borrowing money in the coming months due to the severe cost of living crisis in the UK. Companies want people who want to borrow to avoid unscrupulous lenders that put people into debt they can’t afford.

The company claims to have added 50,000 customers since early 2022, serve its business to 150,000 users and has an estimated total annual loan of £100m ($125m). Kadagathur told Insider that it will double the number of employees for the rest of the year, hiring 80 new employees across all areas of the business, including data, engineering and customer operations.

Check out Creditspring’s presentation below.

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