Croatian police clash with soccer fan in Zagreb

At least 35 people were injured in clashes with soccer fans after a match in the Croatian capital, when more Croatian police opened fire.

Four fans were shot and one seriously injured in late Saturday violence after hundreds of fans attacked police with iron bars, bats and flares, authorities said.

More than 260 cars and buses were transporting Hajduk Split fans under police escort after the team lost 3-1 to Dinamo Zagreb. Split is Croatia’s second-largest city and faces fierce competition from the capital team.

Police have banned Split fans from entering the Zagreb stadium carrying flares and banners.

About 2,000 fans refused to enter the stadium and remained outside throughout the game, police said.

Croatian police have banned Split fans from entering the Zagreb stadium carrying flares and banners.

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Police said a group of fans blocked traffic and started attacking officers on a road outside the capital as they returned to Split, about 22 miles south of Zagreb.

This road is the main Croatian highway from Zagreb to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Police said the fans ignored the order to disperse.

“There was no sign that this was going to happen,” said Damir Barik, a senior police officer in charge of public security.

“I blocked the traffic and suddenly jumped out of the car and rushed towards the police 10 times as many.”

Zagreb police chief Marco Lasic said three police officers attempted to evacuate the vehicle, but fans blew fire into the vehicle and evacuated it.

He said the three officers fired their guns, about 20 rounds, mainly aimed at the air and ground.

The bullet apparently bounced off, injuring the attackers, he said.

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Police detained 43 people charged with inciting unrest, and sentenced to six months to five years in prison if convicted.

They said the road remains closed for much of Sunday nights and early mornings.

Several other incidents were reported, including a fire at a stand during and before Saturday’s game after flares from Dinamo fans lit their giant banners on fire. There was a 10 minute delay in the second half.

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