Crypto Stories: YouTuber CryptoWendyO shares how her medical skills helped her trade in crypto.

CryptoWendyO heard about Bitcoin (BTC) on the radio and decided to take the risk. Little did she know that the risks she would take would change her life in a way she never thought possible. Influencers shared their Bitcoin journey in this episode of Crypto Stories.

Life as a child wasn’t very kind to Wendy. According to a crypto-influencer, she survived many hardships, including mental health problems, the death of her father when she was 11, and growing up in poverty. For a long time she thought she would never be able to change her own life.

But things changed when Wendy realized that the world around her was not interested in her and that the only way forward was to change her own life. Then she met Bitcoin. She explained:

“I kept hearing about Bitcoin on the radio. So I decided to take a little more risk and invest. It was really cool, because in a million years I never thought I was smart enough to do anything on my own.”

She also said that her experience working in the medical field has contributed to the success of cryptocurrency trading. According to Wendy, her medical practice forced her to learn how to calculate dosages and communicate with various people. She was able to apply these skills to cryptocurrency trading.

Wendy believes that these experiences have helped her become a “proper trader” and online content creator. This has allowed her to create a community of like-minded people who are interested in sharing the same life-changing journey that she has gone through.

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She continued to encourage people to take more risks and believe in themselves. “One of the things I’ve realized is that wealthy people and successful entrepreneurs seize opportunities,” she said.

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