Customs and Border Protection agents are known to have killed Salvador Ramos without backup. Who is the hero?

Teenage shooter Salvador Ramos opened fire early Tuesday morning at Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least 19 children and two adults.

He was shot and killed by an unnamed off-duty customs and border guard law enforcement officer before continuing with the school massacre.

Here’s everything you need to know.

A Texas elementary school shooting suspect has been shot and killed by Customs and Border Protection agents.

Salvador Ramos reportedly shot his grandmother in the face before driving to school in a getaway vehicle. He crashed his vehicle near the school.

Christopher Olivarez, who works for the Texas Public Security Service, reported that he opened fire on everyone, including children and teachers, upon arriving at Rob Elementary School.

An hour later, elite Border Patrol commandos, local police and county representatives headed to the scene.

Ramos is reported to have barricaded himself in a classroom with two windows. He killed several victims and also launched attacks on law enforcement agencies.

The Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) was forced into the classroom after recovering the master key from the principal.

It was also reported that three police officers gradually entered the classroom. One officer distracted Ramos and the other was wounded by debris during the shooting. However, a third agent succeeded in killing the suspect.

Who was the heroic officer who killed Salvador Ramos?

The agent who killed Texas elementary school suspect Salvador Ramos wants to hide his identity for now.

However, it has been discovered that an unnamed police officer is working in the Department of Customs and Border Protection Del Rio. The Uvalde was one of the units included in the division.

His training was similar to the coaching of US special forces agents.

According to NBC, BORTAC officers are trained to handle all kinds of chaotic cases. He learned to deal with foreign terrorist threats, riots in ICE detention facilities, and more.

Marsha Espinosa, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security, issued a statement. She noted that all of her CBP agents went to the scene outside of her working hours. She helped keep students and facilities safe and provided medical services.

Espinosa added: ‘These border patrol officers and other police officers risk their lives to get between the shooter and the child, grabbing the shooter’s attention from potential victims and saving lives.’



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