CVS will stop filling out prescriptions for Cerebral and Done Health ADHD medications.

CVS pharmacies will no longer fill out prescriptions for controlled drugs such as telemedicine company Cerebral and Done Health’s Adderall. wall street journal report. It is the latest blow for Celebrel, which is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Cerebral said last week that it will stop prescribing controlled substances to new customers and transition existing customers out of service by the fall. the company said wall street journal “We are doing everything possible to make sure these patients have access to the medications their health care providers deem they need.”

Done Health is a telemedicine platform dedicated to ADHD and, like Cerebral, has been criticized by nurses. pressure We deliver medicines based on short visits with customers. Some individual CVS locations have already stopped We submitted prescriptions from some Done clinicians and asked about the amount of ADHD medication they were prescribing. Walmart has also blocked prescriptions from clinician Done. Truepill, Cerebral’s preferred pharmacy, said this month that it will no longer fill prescriptions for the company’s Adderall and other controlled drugs.

In general, federal law requires patients to see their doctor directly before prescribing a controlled drug such as Adderall. but the rules comfortable In 2020, when the United States fell into a public health emergency as the COVID-19 pandemic began, doctors were able to prescribe medication with just a video visit. Companies like Cerebral and Done have started taking advantage of this gap to provide prescriptions to their customers.

As a public health emergency still exists, doctors can still technically prescribe controlled drugs through telemedicine. However, most major telemedicine companies such as Teladoc and MDLive are said wall street journal That is, they do not prescribe drugs. And with pharmacies blocking prescriptions from pharmacies, there are fewer ways to more easily access those drugs.

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