Dabrat Net Worth

What is Da Brat’s net worth?

Net Worth: $100,000
job: rapper
age: 48
country: USA
bear: April 14, 1974
salary: $50,000 (annual)
last update 2022

Da Brat is a two-time Grammy-nominated American rapper and actor. $100,000 net worth. Shawntae Harris, better known by her stage name “Da Brat”, was one of the female rappers who became famous in the mid-1990s.

She is best known for her platinum-certified album “Funkdafied”, which became the first female solo rapper in history. She is also considered the second female rap artist with her albums to sell over a million copies, after Salt N Pepa.

She currently has a contract with So So Def Records and has appeared in several TV shows and movies. However, many controversies ruined her career. She has a long history of legal problems and has spent time in prison for violent behavior. According to her court documents, she declared her bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in 2018 and revealed that she owes more than $7 million.

early life

Da Brat, originally known as Shawntae Harris-Dupart, was born on April 14, 1974 in Chicago, Illinois, to businessman David Ray McCoy and city bus driver Beverly Calloway. Brett grew up in two different houses. She spent part of her time with her grandmother and her mother.

She played track and field and basketball in her sophomore and third year at Kenwood Academy. In 1992, she received a degree from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, a serial charter school for at-risk children.

Dabrat Net Worth

As of 2022, Da Brat’s net worth is estimated at around $100,000. She was the most famous and successful rapper from 1990 to 2000. Her best known songs include Sittin’ on Top of the World, Funkdafied, Da B Side, and Fa All Y’All.

She has won numerous awards, including a BET Award and several Billboard Awards. She has also been nominated for two Grammys for her rap work as a solo and duo artist. Her income has grown significantly through her album sales, touring and other live performances. Da Brat brings $40,000 to her home every month.


According to reports, she earned $1 million from record sales on the album Unrestricted, $5.2 million from ticket sales for the Rainbow World Tour with Mariah Carey and Missy Elliot, $500,000 from the album Anuthatantrum and $1 million from the album Funkdafied. . .

She has performed on two albums and has appeared in TV series and movies as an actress and singer-songwriter. Da Brat earns over $200,000 per year. Despite numerous setbacks in her career, Da Brat is still well known in the music industry and is still admired for her creativity and ingenuity.

music career

Da Brat won the local rap competition in 1992, which was her big break. She released her self-titled debut album two years later. Her second album, Anuthatantrum, featuring her hit song Ghetto Love, was released shortly after release. She appeared with Kris Kross on the 1996 album Young, Rich, and Dangerous. She appeared on Missy Elliott’s album the following year in a song titled Sock It 2 ​​Me.

She guested in 1999 on three remixes of Carey, Brandy and Destiny’s Child, Carey’s Heartbreaker, Brandy’s U Don’t Know Me and Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin’ and Jumpin. Da Brat’s third album, Unrestricted, was released in early 2000. She released her fourth album, Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz, three years later. She appeared in Kelly Rowland’s Gotsta Go and Dem Franchize Boyz’s I Think They Like Me remix.

In 2013, Da Brat provided her only song “Is It Chu?” on iTunes. Moments later, she appeared in an episode of Empire, releasing the single #YAK (You Already Know) with Sage Gemini and Eric Bellinger.

Da Brat Net Worth and Salary

Movies and TV

Da Brat appeared on TV as a guest on an episode of All That in 1994. Two years later, she appeared in the film Kazaam with a small cameo role. She appeared in the television series Parent ‘Hood in 1997 and 1998.

The following year, she appeared in the film Glitter and Carmen: Hip Hop. Da Brat’s next appearance was in the Teenage Witch episode, Sabrina. She was chosen for the role of Kamisha in the 2006 film 30 Days.

She appeared in Empire season 2 episode 10 in 2015. She has also appeared in other TV shows such as The Surreal Life, Celebrity Fit Club, and The Weakest Link. She currently co-hosts the Rickey Smiley Morning program. Since 2016, she has been a jury member of Rap Games, a reality competition program.

personal life

In the 1990s, Da Brat dated Allen Iverson and Andre 3000. It took Brat 25 years to come out as a lesbian, in an interview with Variety in 2020.

She is dating hair product magnate Jesseca Dupart and married on February 22, 2022 in Georgia. They announced that they will have their first child in 2022. It will be Brat’s first and Dupart’s fourth child.

car collection

  • 1999 Mercedes 238i – $5,000
  • 2014 BMW 328i – $15,000
  • 2016 Jeep Wrangler – $23,000

Legal issues and arrests

Da Brat made headlines in 2000 after beating a woman with a bottle of rum at an Atlanta bar. The following year, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year of probation and a fine of $1,000.

She was once again detained on October 31, 2007, this time on charges of violently attacking her mistress at a Halloween party at the Studio 72 nightclub in Atlanta. Da Brat was sentenced to three years in prison and seven years of probation.

She was briefly released from custody in May 2010 as part of a work release. After serving both her older brothers, she was officially released in 2011.


According to Blast, Da Brat filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018 and owes more than $7 million in the process. It is also said that one of her responsibilities was the $6.4 million sentence awarded to former cheerleader Shayla Stevens, who was accused of beating her head with an illness during a nightclub fight in 2007.

Together with others, she owes Sony Music $1.25 million. She declares that she has assets of $108,700.65. Her monthly income is shown as $9,319, but she also spends $10,506.55, losing $1,187 per 30 days.

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