Darnella Frazier: Recorded George Floyd Murder Video

Teenage Darnella Frazier, who filmed George Floyd’s fatal meeting with police, testified to what she saw that day before the Minnesota House Committee on Tuesday. She said she went to the Cup Foods store with her 9-year-old cousin and she went with her 9-year-old cousin to her Fraser Fraser when she saw Floyd when she was in a police car when she was 17, she said at the time.

“I started recording because I knew it wasn’t right. I was scared and confused,” Fraser told lawmakers. “I thought it might be me. I see George Floyd, when I see my father, when I see my brothers. When you see it, you’ll see your cousin, you’ll see your uncle,” Fraser said. “It is so sad that he was in pain and asked for help, but no one helped him.” Darnella Frazier: Recorded George Floyd Murder Video.

Recorded George Floyd Murder Video

Fraser’s video of Floyd’s arrest showed former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling around Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, sparking protests around the world against police brutality and systemic racism. Chauvin was later convicted of murder and awaits sentencing.

Fraser said he experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety after filming Floyd’s death.

said Fraser. “I didn’t have to be the one to put my phone down. I just hope things get better in the future,” he added. “I hope that our generation and the next generation will not suffer the same pain and suffering.”

Minnesota lawmakers are considering several police reform measures, including banning hang and knock warrants after Floyd’s death. The state House of Representatives is expected to vote on the reform package later this week.

How old is Darnella Frazier in 2022?

Darnella Frazier was born on March 23, 2003 in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is 19 years old as of 2022. She holds American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.

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George Floyd’s Murder

On May 25, 2020, Fraser and her 9-year-old cousin went to the Cup Foods grocery store to buy a snack. They saw the police restrain George Floyd from the ground before they even got inside. Fraser sent her cousin to the store while filming her meeting on her cell phone.

“I can’t breathe,” Floyd said, echoing protesters around the world in the days and weeks that followed. The video showed Chauvin kneeling around Floyd’s neck until he died, documenting his painful remarks, such as “I’m hungry.”

The jury watched a video of Floyd crying as she cried out, “Please don’t kill me,” “They will kill me,” and “Don’t kill me.” He sang “Mom” and said “I’m done.” Her film lasted 10 minutes and 9 seconds, until Floyd was carried on a stretcher with his body.

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