Darren ‘ishowSpeed’ Watkins Jr. got kicked out of an amusement park after streaming on a roller coaster.

Popular YouTuber iShowSpeed ​​(Darren Watkins Jr) was kicked out of an amusement park due to live streaming issues while riding a ride. Everyone should know about iShowSpeed ​​and its owners. YouTubers have been in the limelight lately for one or another reason. But this time, a problem arises at the amusement park.

Read ahead to learn more about iShowSpeed ​​YouTuber kicked out of the amusement park.

A little about iShowSpeed ​​YouTube

If you haven’t met the YouTube channel iShowSpeed. Then I’ll tell you a little bit about it here. Being an American YouTube channel, we live stream games and other similar videos. The channel is run by Darren Watkins Jr. In fact, this channel already has about 6 million subscribers.

Not only that, Darren is active on Instagram and has around 2.3 million followers with her iShowSpeed ​​Instagram account. He has also appeared on Twitch and Valorant. But he has always been in the limelight for one reason or another. After making sexist comments about female players, he was also permanently banned from Twitch and Valorant. He later apologized for what he did during the live broadcast.

YouTuber iShowSpeed ​​has been kicked out of the amusement park.

Recently, YouTuber iShowSpeed ​​was at an amusement park that might be Kings Island, Ohio. Where he rode the roller coaster. But even while riding, he broadcast live tours to the amusement park. But that lasted for a while as he was later kicked out of the park.

The reason I showed the exit door was because I was recording while driving. Because of that, it was forbidden to enter the park. Meanwhile, his recording equipment could fall and injure someone. Therefore, it was not allowed in that respect either.

ishow speed
Credit: YouTube

iShowSpeed ​​​​YouTuber Ban for Live Streaming

Obviously, recording his rides at the amusement park was wrong. He refused to enter the park. However, there is no update yet on whether the park ban is temporary or permanent.

Meanwhile, the Internet has made all of this a virus. Darren did not say whether his ban from the park was permanent or temporary.

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