Dating records as a couple Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour are officially engaged.

Abbi Jacobson is showing off his new jewelry.

Abbi Jacobson and Jodi Balfour’s Love Story

“Broad City” actress and nearly two-year partner Jodi Balfour are engaged. The duo made their red carpet debut at the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video’s “A League of Their Own” Thursday. Fans noticed that Jacobson was wearing a ring on a certain finger.

Newlyweds’ position

The newlyweds looked in love as they walked on the carpet holding hands. Her fiance dazzled in a pink drop-waist gown, while Jacobson, 38, opted for a slightly translucent red outfit. Balfour, 35, accessoryd with a pair of red and white boots and red lipstick to match the color scheme of her lead woman.

When were Jacobson and Jodi Balfour revealed?

After dating secretly for a year, it was revealed that they were dating in October 2021. “One year with a wonderful person. I don’t know how I got so lucky,” Jacobson told Instagram at the time. Balfour also shared a cute photo of the couple kissing and called the combination “the greatest surprise of their lives.” The Comedy Central actor originally revealed to Vanity Fair in 2018 that he was bisexual. [goes] two-way].” “I date both men and women,” she explains, adding that her lover is “witty” and “you have to do what you love.”

Balfour came out towards the end of Pride Month in June 2021 and is best remembered for her role in “Bomb Girls.” On the last day of the month of Pride, I let go of my worries about my lack and occupation. She said on Instagram that I need to do the right thing for my non-my space to express how free I am to embrace and love my queer people. It took me a while to get here, but the speaker continued, “I feel like I’ve come home to myself in a way that has completely cared for my life.” Hope you had a good month. I will keep having fun.

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