Dave Chappelle attacker Isaiah Lee reveals why he tackled the comedian

The man who assaulted Dave Chapelle on the stage of a Los Angeles comedy event. Earlier this month, he said the comedian’s remarks about homosexuality and homelessness had “triggered” him. And he has to be more sensitive. After the May 3 incident, Isaiah Lee, 23, was charged with four misdemeanors, including violence and assault with a weapon. Illegal entry into the stage area during a performance. and entrusting acts that delay the event or disrupt the artist.

Isaiah Lee explains his purpose

The individual was accused of assaulting Dave Chappelle at a Netflix Is Joke concert earlier this month. We talked about the incident. In an interview with The New York Post, Isaiah Lee explained what motivated him to do the job. From the Los Angeles Twin Towers Prison. “I’m bisexual, and I wanted to know that what he said was provocative,” he explained. “I just wanted to let him know that next time he needs to run his own content over other people who might be affected.”

Isaiah Lee
David Buchan

Mr. Lee was acquitted on four counts: assault, assault with a weapon, illegal entry to a concert hall during a performance, postponement of a performance, and obstruction of an artist.

Isaiah Lee confessed to owning a firearm.

Isaiah Lee was charged with possession of a weapon intended to attack because on the night of the incident he was in possession of a retractable knife linked to an imitation firearm. Mr. Lee said he confessed to holding a gun to himself, but said he wasn’t holding a gun on stage. A man named NoName Trapper, nicknamed Rap, said the gun was only with him for safety because he was a “little star.” Dave Chappelle is already facing backlash for making jokes about the transgender population. This has been raised since he promised never to talk about the subject again after his last Netflix special, The Closer. When security escorted Lee offstage, Dave Chappelle grabbed the microphone and said, “It was transgender.”



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