David Dobrik donates tomatoes to charity

David Dobrik recently donated a ton of tomatoes to charity following the launch of his new pizzeria.

Here’s everything you need to know.

David Dobrik supplies tomatoes to Ronald McDonald House.

David Dobrik is making sure no ingredients are wasted after the star-stuffed launch of his newest pizza restaurant.

Most recently, Dobrick’s representative claimed that the YouTuber-turned-pizzeria owner donated about 65 pounds of tomatoes to the kitchen at the Ronald McDonald House.

Moreover, insiders said the tomatoes were initially used to decorate Dobrik’s Doughbrik’s Sunday after-party.

According to the photos taken at the launching party, fruits were placed in the front and center of the launching party red carpet. The image also showed a fountain filled to the brim with tomatoes.

But the 26-year-old content creator donated his tomatoes to RMHC: Also, according to reports, Dobrik sent a large number of canned tomatoes to the charity pantry.

David Dobrik Opens Pizzeria in Los Angeles

David Dobrik launched his newest dining restaurant, Doughbrik’s, on November 12th. The already popular pizzeria is located on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Doughbriks also drew huge crowds, with fans queuing for hours to eat at the pizzeria.

Meanwhile, the Vlog Squad leader spoke about the effort in an interview with KTLA.

“It’s such a cliché, but it doesn’t make sense,” he said.

Dobrik continued, ‘I know everybody says that. But when you’re here and you’re watching this, it’s the craziest feeling in the world.’

Also speaking to ET, the internet star revealed that his state-of-the-art facility took nearly three years to complete.

He said, ‘I’ve been working on it for so long… I remember every month. Everyone who came absolutely loved it.’

Then, he explained that he focused on running the pizza shop by using the time he originally spent editing YouTube videos.

He said, “It seems to create a fun experience where everyone just comes in and goes in as they please.” Now we finally have a place for the public.’

He also said, ‘This is the pizza I would order if I didn’t own this place. Just go out and try it and judge for yourself. I know you’ll like it.’


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