David Perdue wraps up his campaign for governor of Georgia on racist comments on Stacey Abrams and on Trump Tele-Rally.

  • President Donald Trump last minute urged Georgians to vote for David Purdue and beat Brian Kemp.
  • Trump joined Purdue at a remote rally Monday night as the candidate trailed rivals in polls.
  • Former U.S. Senator Purdue joined the Georgia state governor election in December at Trump’s urging.

Former US Senator David Purdue closed his campaign for governor of Georgia on Monday with a racist attack on Democratic nominee Stacy Abrams and a phone rally with former President Donald Trump.

At Monday’s remote rally, Trump reaffirmed his support for the former US senator.

“I don’t think our country has ever gotten worse than it is now,” Trump said, adding that the results of Tuesday’s primary election in Georgia were “critical” to regaining a Republican majority in the Senate. He is one of eight candidates running for governor of Georgia.

Trump urged Georgians to vote because Purdue is “100% MAGA”.

“You’ll look back a few years, and you’ll tell me it was a great vote, just as you want me to feel it was a great vote,” Trump said in an 11-minute phone call.

Trump is trying to oust Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger after he properly authenticated Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. Kemp and Raffensperger conducted statewide audits and oversaw multiple reviews of the more than 5 million Georgians cast in the 2020 presidential primary.

Their refusal to follow Trump’s unfounded allegations of election fraud has cast them into the camp of disloyalty. A single-term president seeking revenge has been pursuing them ever since.

President Trump claimed on Monday that Kemp “allowed the Georgia elections to be rigged and stolen.”

“I don’t think Kemp can do it,” he said of the incumbent governor’s chances of winning the primary. “He’s got too many people to refuse to vote for the Republican Party.”

However, Perdue argued that Georgia would not have validated the 2020 elections.

On Monday, Perdue also put a racist jab against Abrams.

“When she says ‘you don’t have to be on the farm’ to the black farmers, and ‘you don’t have to’ to the welcoming black workers, she’s demeaning her race to it,” He told attendees on the campaign grounds in Dunwoody, Georgia. Of Abrams, a black woman, “I really think about this. She shouldn’t be considered a material for governor of any state. More so in our state, where she hates to live.”

“She said Georgia is the best place to live in America,” he said at the rally. “Hey, she’s not from here. If she doesn’t like her here, let her go back to where she came from.”

Abrams moved to Georgia from high school and previously served in the state legislature. allfundraising event For Democrats in Gwinnett County near Atlanta, Abrams said, “I’m tired of hearing that we are the best state to live in and the best state to do business in is the best state to live in.”

“When you are 48 mental healthwhen you are number one maternal mortality, Abrams said it’s not the best place to live in America if incarceration rates are rising and wages are falling.

“But we can go there. As you can see, Georgia can be great. We need greatness in the governor’s office,” she added.

Trump lures Purdue in without retiring to challenge Kemp

The former senator will lose his seat in 2021. Perdue failed to cross the 50% threshold to fully win his re-election in November 2020. Republican Kelly Loeffler vs. Democrat Challenger Raphael Warnock – handed Senate control to the Democrats and gave Biden a unified Congress.

A month later, Perdue described his call to reject another run for the Senate as “a personal decision, not a political one,” while refusing an opportunity to challenge Warnock this fall.

However, Purdue threw the hat into the ring At the order of Trump to compete with Kemp, who was once a friend in December.

Trump spoke about Perdue and former football star Herschel Walker’s choice to overthrow Warnock in the general election. at a gathering Trump also joined Perdue, 10 minute telerally In early May.

Former Vice President Mike Pence supported Kemp directly. the opposite Trump’s choice. Vice President Pence said at another encouraging rally on Monday that the vote for Kemp would “send a dreadful message across America that the Republican Party is the party of the future.”

“This race is bigger than me, bigger than Brian Kemp,” Perdue claimed on Monday’s tele rally. “It’s about the future of our country.”

“Brian Kemp divided our party and you can’t beat Stacy Abrams,” he added.

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