David Walliams is being criticized for leaked comments on Britain’s Got Talent.

David Walliams drowned in hot water. Leaked transcripts revealed that he made inappropriate remarks about certain participants in Britain’s Got Talent.

Here’s everything you need to know.

David Williams explains the BGT controversy

The Guardian recently revealed that David Walliams made contemptuous and sexually explicit remarks about a January 2020 participant.

In addition, the leaked audio is believed to have been recorded during an audition held at the Palladium in London.

In one of the recordings, Walliams referred to the older participant as ‘c***’. Also, in another recording he was caught making abusive remarks about a female performer.

He said, ‘She thinks you want to have sex with them like the little boring girl you meet at the bar, but you don’t.’

The 51-year-old children’s book writer said, ‘She’s like, ‘Oh, damn it!’ She thinks you want to have sex with her but you don’t. That’s the last thing that comes to your mind, but she says, ‘Yes, you will!’ ‘no!”

Netizens react to David Walliams’ BGT controversy

David Walliams’ pejorative remarks about the cast caused outrage among social media users and condemned his actions on Twitter.

As one user said, ‘It’s most surprising that David Walliams is in horrific danger.’

Another said, ‘Well, I’m shocked that David Walliams, who literally frowned at his disability on TV, might not be a very good person. Shock I will tell you!’

Someone else said, ‘David Walliams has been saying exactly who he is for a very long time. The prejudice and ugliness in his children’s books are clear indicators’.

David Walliams apologizes for making inappropriate remarks.

David Walliams sat down with The Independent and apologized for his behavior.

He said, “I want to apologize to those who made rude comments during a break during the filming of ‘2020 Britain’s Got Talent’.”

Another broadcaster said, ‘It was a private conversation. As with most conversations with friends, I did not intend to share. I’m sorry nonetheless.’

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Simon Cowell, fellow BGT judge at Walliams, said the Syco Entertainment owner was not aware of the remarks at the time they were made.

Beyond that, The Guardian confirmed that no other judge other than Williams made any offensive remarks.


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