DC’s Ezra Miller offered to stun a teenage fan in a re-emerging Twitter video.

Ezra Miller is still at the center of controversy and makes news about his surprising behavior. Recently, a video of an actor threatening to subdue a young fan has been uploaded online.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Ezra Miller threatens to stun teenager in video

The 11-second video was first shared by Twitter user PeterKnight2800 and is said to have been filmed in 2020.

Ezra Miller seems to be at a random grocery store when a teenager starts approaching him nervously.

When Peter said ‘hello’, the 28-year-old actor said, ‘It’s always an option I give people. I can always stun you and then you won’t have to panic.’

Peter asks ‘what’, seemingly embarrassed by Miller’s answer.

The Credence Barebone actor continued, ‘You told me. no? Yes?’

PeterKnight2800 outlined the post with the caption ‘I can’t guess who’s going to appear in this video’.

Nevertheless, the clip went viral on social media platforms. It has over 559.7k views and 28.2k likes on Twitter. To date, it has been retweeted by over 2,562 users and is growing steadily.

Fan reaction to Ezra Miller’s video

After the old video resurfaced online, many netizens expressed concern over Ezra Miller’s actions.

Some fans thought the actor was joking in the clip, but many were not convinced of his remarks.

One user said, “I usually giggle at moments like this, but at this point, Ezra seems like a legitimate fugitive.”

Another said, ‘I think it’s worse to know that Ezra would actually do something like that. They were really serious.’

Another user wrote, ‘You are more likely to meet a fugitive Miller than to meet your soulmate.’

Ezra Miller’s latest controversy

On June 23, Rolling Stone published the detailed story of a young mother and three children who now live with Ezra Miller on her 96-acre Vermont farm.

A 25-year-old woman told the outlet that the home she had found was a ‘healing haven for us’. She also revealed that her Fantastic Beasts actor has been a tremendous help to her after she left her abusive relationship.

However, two unknown sources have come to confirm that the grown-ups in the estate are growing marijuana and smoking it around children.

It turns out that the Flash star’s home has a huge cannabis farm that is believed to be unlisted by Vermont’s Cannabis Control Board.



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