DEBUNKED: Does Armie Hammer work as a concierge at Caymans?

A fake flyer at the Grand Cayman Hotel featured actress Armie Hammer as hotel concierge with Desus & Mero producer Muna Mire on July 6th. The flyer came with a free lottery ticket offered by Hammer’s concierge service and a virtual schedule of actors staying at the hotel.

The article was widely shared before being deleted after people began to question its veracity when refuted online. Muna Mire said in her tweet that the image on the flyer was provided by the parents of a friend who went to the Grand Cayman Hotel, where the actor Call Me by Your Name was supposedly served.

Allegedly, Hammer has been observed serving as a concierge at Morritt’s Resorts at the Grand Cayman Vacation Club. He claimed to have worked most of the week at the company, with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays. The falsity of the information in the flyer has now been confirmed.

What are the claims about fake flyers depicting Armie Hammer as a Cayman Islands concierge?

My friend’s parents were on vacation to the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their concierge. I’m not done yet, Muna Mire said in a later deleted tweet.

The previously mentioned fictitious message hinted that it was from Armie Hammer. The flyer also noted that Hammer worked as a concierge, allowing him to get cheap tickets to various events and activities on the island.

It is also stated that the 35-year-old actor will give customers a free introduction upon arrival on the island. Mire also released WhatsApp texts showing a conversation her friend had with her mother on vacation. The latter text identified Armie Hammer as the actor who played Simon Doyle in Disney’s 2022 crime thriller Death on the Nile. Meanwhile, another message from Mire’s acquaintance made reference to Hammer’s cannibalism.

The writer and producer separately tweeted, “I am not trying to blow up the position of my friend’s middle-aged parents. If you want to do journalism. [sic] About it (,) use the information in the flyer! (I) will not give you my contact information.”

Why is the leaflet’s claim not true?

In contrast to Muna Mire’s widely shared post, the flyer was claimed to be fake and intended as a joke about Hammer. This is probably why Mire later deleted the tweet chain. Several media outlets, including Variety, reported that Hammer’s friends, who played golf at a Cayman Islands resort, made the flyer as a practical joke.

According to a number of sources, the crafty prank was created by a company official who played golf with the star. They distributed fake flyers to some of the attendees, which may have been passed on to Muna Mire’s friend’s parents. It is said that Armie Hammer often stays at the hotel.

Later, Hammer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, confirmed to Variety that the flyer was fake. The hotel staff explained that the media was a joke about the actor, and it was reported that they confirmed the same.

Armie Hammer appears to have completed a recovery program in Florida last year and has been living in the Cayman Islands ever since. In January 2021, she faced multiple charges of sexual abuse and violence against the actress. In another text that appears to have been leaked, the actor was further charged with cannibalism. All these claims were refuted by Hammer.

The actor was denied the role of Offer, a paramount spin-off of The Godfather, because of these allegations. Reportedly, he also divorced his wife, Elizabeth Chambers. However, it is not known whether Chambers sought a divorce from the actor as a result of the allegations.

Many people must have fallen for the joke that Hammer was the Cayman Islands concierge because of the controversy surrounding Hammer.

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