DEBUNKED: ‘Humpback Whale Swallows Female’ Kayak Video Explained

A video of a humpback whale “swallowing” two women while kayaking in Avila Beach, California, has recently gone viral online. But this actually happened during the event.

This video was recorded in November 2020 and has been available online for a while. However, the recent resurgence in popularity is dreading many Internet users.

Visibly shocked, two women fall from their kayak as a humpback whale emerges from the ocean in a spooky video.

Video description of a humpback whale swallowing a woman

Several scenes were filmed of the interaction between a humpback whale and two women. In a video posted by Twitter user Melissa Newman on November 3, 2020, two women can be seen riding a yellow kayak.

Humpback whales, with their mouths open, suddenly appear out of the air, quietly pedaling. When this happened, there were a lot of other people in the water. Later, two women named Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel appear to have been sucked into the creature from a visual point of view.

The two women mourn as they fall into a lake in different videos, shot from different viewpoints, with a similar effect.

Some social media users began to say that the whale swallowed and vomited the woman shortly after the video went viral.

Many believe this story because of mislabeled footage of the incident. It is far from the truth.

How did fake news spread?

A Facebook post titled “Whale swallows two women in California” sparked rumors that the whale swallowed the woman and vomited it.

The two girls “almost became a meal for humpback whales that hunted schools of fish,” the article continues.

The women are known to be trapped in the mammal’s jaws for a short period of time until the mammal vomits it.

Did a humpback whale swallow two women?

While this perspective gives the impression that women fell into a whale’s mouth, Snopes points out that they actually fell into the water behind the whale.

CNN reported in 2020 that the two women “escaped safely, momentarily submerged when the boat capsized before it reappeared”.

humpback whale
Credit: Facebook

One of the women, Julie McSorley, told KMPH, “I saw a big pool of fish and a big bait ball floating out of the water.” “I watched whales ascend,” she said. No, I thought. Too close.

I suddenly got up and fell into the sea.

“The whale was literally right here in my face,” Liz Cottriel said.

Also, humpback whales cannot eat people.

A whale cannot swallow a human, despite the fact that it can fit a human in its huge mouth. According to a National Geographic article, the neck of a humpback whale is the size of a human fist.

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