Debunked: Rumors of Lil Tjay being ‘paralyzed’ have taken over the internet.

Rumors of Lil Tjay being ‘paralyzed’ are circulating the internet. However, there is still no evidence to support their claims.

The rapper was shot multiple times in an armed robbery attempt. The incident occurred on Wednesday, June 22, in New Jersey.

He was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors are doing their best to recover. A spokesperson for Lil Tjay has not yet released an official statement.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Rumors claim Lil Tjay is ‘paralyzed’

Discussions about Lil Tjay, suspected of being paralyzed, surfaced after Twitter username @ilove69andtjay shared several unverified tweets.

On June 25, one user wrote, ‘Just in: Dr. Raheem Smith said that Lil TJ will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He was hit 5 out of 7 in the chest and 2 in the spine. He cannot move his upper body. He also has a 15% chance of surviving an attack. Please pray for Lil Tjay.’

However, regarding Tjay’s medical team, Dr. No outlet mentions Raheem Smith.

Moreover, on the same day, one user posted a message stating that the singer was recovering, and another user posted a contradictory message claiming that he had died.

Nevertheless, TMZ reported the last update on Tjay’s status on Thursday, June 23rd. They said the artist underwent surgery but remained unconscious in the hospital. He was scheduled for a CAT scan.

Nothing can be confirmed until the rapper’s team makes an official statement about his health.

Lil Tjay’s fans refuse to believe false reports.

Fans of Lil Tjay were not impressed by rumors that he was paralyzed or ‘brain-dead’.

One user said, ‘Lil Tjay has been paralyzed all his life. There is no way.’

Another fan said, ‘It’s better to just say the rumor that Lil Zee is paralyzed. rumor.’

Lil Tjay accompanied Bronx’s friends Boyd and Jeffrey Valdez to Edgewater’s Chipotle restaurant.

Police arrested Mohammed Konate as a suspect in the case. He is currently charged with ‘armed robbery’ against Tjay and the company.

Officials also found a second victim, Antoine Boyd, at an Exxon gas station about a mile from Chipotle.

A 22-year-old man suffered a single gunshot wound and was immediately taken to the hospital. His condition is said to be stable.



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