DEBUNKED: Wendy Williams claims marriage to NYPD police, rumors from weekly talk show host

Writer and broadcaster Wendy Williams revealed to Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked that he is married to a NYPD officer on Tuesday, August 2nd. She added that this supposedly her husband’s name was Henry.

However, Williams’ manager, William Selby, informed Page Six that she was not married to a police officer and may have made these claims out of excitement. The 58-year-old New Jersey-born woman did not give NYPD police officer Henry any other information about her wedding.

Despite Selby’s claims, Williams revealed that she was recently married in response to questions about the wedding of Hollywood Unlocked presenter and founder Jason Lee. At the time, Williams informed Lee in a phone call: “Married… Married… We got married last week.”

Marriage of Wendy Williams and NYPD Police Officer

In an interview, Wendy Williams avoided discussing further details about her alleged NYPD police officer husband, Henry. However, her TV host did not comment on her own identity or her position within the department.

William Selby, who claims to be her manager, page 6 After the interview, he said:

According to Radar Online, Selby and Williams were once dating. According to the newspaper, Selby said she had a romantic relationship with Williams in 2020 after she divorced her longtime partner Kevin Hunter.

Previous claims about romance involving Wendy Williams have been refuted.

After 23 years of marriage, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter split in 2020 after refusing to pay alimony to each other over irreconcilable differences. Not long after she filed for divorce from her in 2019, Williams said she started dating a doctor who is believed to be in her 50s, she said. On her show at the time, she talked about a known relationship. Wilson said:

“I can’t use it anymore. I’m not in love. I don’t know if I’m doing well. I’m not in a relationship, but I have someone I like. Not someone you trust.

Previously associated with her, Dr. Darrin Porcher turned down her date just days after she made her announcement.

Wendy Williams did not reveal to the public that she was dating Dr. Porcher. Several accounts say she had a relationship with a former police officer who now holds her doctorate. Despite these allegations, it is still unknown whether Wendy Williams’ marriage claims are true.

Mysterious man Henry was not mentioned in the press, but Wendy Williams may have hinted at him in a post a year ago. Williams posted a picture of herself in her car in her alleged lover on her social media in August 2021. It may have happened when she celebrated the birthday of her son Kevin Hunter Jr. Here are the photo captions:

“My son got everything he wanted for his 21st birthday celebration on a yacht in #Miami! including my boyfriend. The article has now been published.

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