Deep Fake Video: Are Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton Dating?

There’s a reason a new TikTok video of Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton chatting in love before changing clothes at a nightclub has gone viral.

The film is convincing enough that Paris, who is married, is hugging Tom. “Do you think people will believe we are a couple?”

After that, the video spread rapidly, and viewers tilted their heads. Let me explain what all the fuss is about.

Paris Hilton’s TikTok is a hot topic.

Paris has over 6.2 million TikTok followers, so they know how to capture the attention of their fans.

Just hours ago, she shared a video with content developer and impersonator Tom Cruise Miles Fisher. Fans thought she was the protagonist of Mission Impossible.

@deeptomcruise @parishilton and i #live ♬ Aesthetic – Tolan Kim

It shows the two formally discussing and discussing at the premiere of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick before congratulating each other.

On the other hand, those unfamiliar with Miles’ work will think Tom is the one having a romance in Paris, as the reality star hasn’t yet revealed who is actually with her in the video.

No, Tom Cruise doesn’t love Paris Hilton

If you still think Tom and Paris are having an affair, check out Miles’ main Tikok page, @deeptomcruise. There are also videos from Paris on this page.

The comedian even mentioned Paris in his video, proving that he wasn’t a real actor. The couple had previously teamed up for another TikTok, and fans at the time were stunned.

Not to mention the fact that Paris has been married to Carter Reum since November 2021.

@deeptomcruise Cold cereal can be too hot after hard work. @parishilton ♬ Original Sound – Tom

Differences invisible to fans

People couldn’t tell if this was the real Tom, as shown by the numerous comments on TikTok in Paris and Miles.

“Wait, is this the real Tom Cruise, or a computerized one?” someone said

“What’s up?” “Are they dating?” asked the third

“I couldn’t tell if this was a deepfake or real,” wrote another bewildered fan.

Source: HITC

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