Defiant Pep Guardiola strikes back after telling Patrice Evra that he ‘want a player with no personality’.

Pep Guardiola Patrice Evra strikes back after claiming that he doesn’t want to manage a player who shows his personality at Manchester City.

Guardiola learned of Evra’s analysis at a pre-match press conference ahead of Wednesday’s match against Wolverhampton Wanderers and had to respond.

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The 51-year-old said, “I don’t want personality? Well. I don’t agree, Patrice! I don’t play. I need personality and a good player to play on the pitch. Otherwise we will…

“I didn’t read it or knew it. [what he’s said]. I have met some great and amazing players in the past as a manager at Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and here. I can give you a good list in terms of personality and personality.

“Most of them won the World Cup, [Championships], Champions League and League. Evra may have been right or he might have said the right thing to come back to Manchester United to work there. You may have a good chance now.

“Okay, Patrice. If we’re together, we’ll show the character and character of our players now. Absolutely.”

Evra also compares City to Paris Saint-Germain, adding that players only pay for paycheck packets rather than glory.

Image Credit: Alamy
Image Credit: Alamy

He told Prime Video: “City made a mistake. It’s true. They are shocked. They remind me of PSG. They are a money-based club. Real Madrid have money, but there is a story behind it. Only Manchester City have the money and the players go there solely for it.

“Of course they win the trophy, but one player chooses to go to Manchester City because Manchester City gives you more.”

City are currently number one in the Premier League and are looking for their fourth title in five years.

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Image Credit: Alamy

A win over Wolves on Wednesday will put City three more points behind the Reds as we reach the end of business for the season.

But the city is already planning the next campaign.


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