Democrat Signals McCormick As Biggest Threat In PA Senate Primary

According to a recent attack by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC), Democrats have signaled that they are most concerned about facing businessman Dave McCormick in the Pennsylvania State Senate election.

According to a recent poll, McCormick is currently statistically tied with famous doctors Mehmet Oz and Kathy Barnette in Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate Primary Election.

DSCC’s latest attack Tweet Friday’s Outing criticizes McCormick for collaborating with the administration of former President George W. Bush. Senate Democrats have described McCormick as a “rich Wall Street insider” to undermine Social Security.

Democrats, on the other hand, say they are salivating at the prospect of facing Barnett in the general election. Democrats don’t think it’s a problem for Oz, as they said they would abuse ties with Turkey in the general election.

Mehmet Oz participates in the forum for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania nominee at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference on April 2, 2022 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Matt Luke, File)

If any amount of tweets were spent attacking candidates, Democrats would perceive McCormick as their biggest threat in November.

DSCC continues to Tweet Attacks on McCormick and his campaigns since March. Most of their attacks have him “scam” or “subcontractor.”

In contrast, DSCC Tweet Sent twice in early January to Oz about 3 times since early 2022.

Also on the Democrat Senate Twitter account made No mention of Barnette or her campaign gives credibility to the report that Democrats are not afraid to face Barnette in the general election.

While Democrats appear to be most worried about McCormick, former President Donald Trump believes Oz is “the most likely candidate to win the general election against radical left Democrats.”

Pennsylvania Republican voters will decide which candidates to run in the general election when the primary elections are held on Tuesday, May 17.

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