Democratic governor candidate Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania has called Republican opponent Doug Mastriano “dangerous” and “extreme”.

  • Pa. AG Josh Shapiro condemned GOP Senator Doug Mastriano on Sunday as “dangerous and divisive”.
  • “He thinks climate change is fake,” Shapiro told CNN. “The contrast couldn’t be clearer.”
  • Shapiro ran unopposed in the Democratic primary for governor, and will face Mastriano in November.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic nominee for governor Josh Shapiro has called his Republican general election opponent, conservative Senator Doug Mastriano “dangerous and divisive”.

during an interview In CNN’s “State of the Union,” Shapiro argued that Mastriano’s views were outside the political mainstream, pointing to issues ranging from abortion to electoral integrity.

“He’s extreme and dangerous,” the two-term Attorney General told host Dana Bash. “He’s banning all abortions and going to jail the doctors who do it. He was there on January 6th and when the police told him to stop at the barricades he kept marching. He’s the guy who wants to overturn it, not just the last election. “I made it clear that we would pick the next winner,” he said.

Shapiro, who ran for the Democratic nomination, also criticized Mastriano for his stance on marriage equality and climate change.

“He wants to make same-sex marriage illegal in Pennsylvania,” he said. “He thinks climate change is fake. He’s dangerous. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.”

He went on to say: “We will continue to point out the obvious differences. I have focused on the future of Pennsylvania to grow our economy, improve our schools, and have safe communities. Focused on litigation. He’s dangerous and divisive.”

Mastriano, an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud and promise to take the swing state in a very conservative way, said Mastriano. Approved earlier this month by the former president

In the multi-candidate GOP primary, Mastriano won 43% of the vote, far ahead of second-placed former Congressman Lou Barletta with 20%.

The winner of the general election will inherit Democratic governor Tom Wolfe, who cannot run again due to term limits.

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