Description: Amber Heard was charged with drinking and hiding a water bottle in court.

Netizens have seen Amber Heard trying to hide from court officials the appearance of Amber Heard drinking from a water bottle in court. After the infamous couple, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard marry each other. The couple made headlines at times. Divorced shortly after marriage. The couple are now facing each other in a defamation lawsuit by Depp on Heard for $50 million over her 2018 contribution.

Read ahead to learn more about netizens who witnessed Amber Heard drinking in court and tried to hide it.

The defamation trial of Depp and Heard received a lot of media attention.

Amber Heard, meanwhile, has alleged that she was abused by her ex-husband, Depp, during their marriage. She caught the eye of her editorial in 2018 in which she claimed she was a survivor of domestic violence. In her contribution, she did not name Depp. However, Depp took her to her court for her $50 million defamation suit against her Heard.

Well, like this, the press is covering the entire libel trial that started this April and ended this month. Meanwhile, Johnny has already testified in court, and Amber is testifying herself in court. However, Amber has not yet been cross-examined by Depp’s attorneys.

The fans of both actors are busy cheering for their respective stars.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is busy proving that she is also a victim of domestic violence in this case. Supporters of Johnny Depp gather outside the court to show their support for their favorite star. Depp’s fans always support him off the court. Depp also greeted fans every time.

Meanwhile, Amber Heard’s supporters are also busy cheering her on. However, it seems to have been since the start of her defamation trial. Netizens are busy watching Heard’s body language to spot her lies. Well, some of them found a lot of strange things about her hud.

Netizens saw Amber Heard drinking from a water bottle in court.

Both Depp and Heard shared charges against each other in court. Meanwhile, netizens recently found Heard drinking with a water bottle and hid it when a court official passed by.

A video of Heard drinking alcohol quickly spread through social media. But there is still no evidence that she literally drank alcohol. However, netizens are watching videos of her Amber Heard asking whether her own claims are right or wrong.

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