Description: Did Jason Derulo cheat on her ex Jena Frumes?

Jenna Frumes is looking for ex-boyfriend Jason Derulo. Jason Derulo’s ex and baby mom Jena Frumes denounced her Instagram troll and shared her insights on why their relationship finally ended!

Jena Frumes applauded her Instagram followers on Thursday after an individual scrutinized her worth. The model and celebrity, 28, who is raising a 13-month-old child with singer Jason Derulo, 32, posted pictures of her swimsuit at home and posted on Instagram, “You are beautiful, you are valuable and irreplaceable. All” captioned. memory.

Followers responded to her post, “In what way is it worth it?” Before commenting on singer Jason Derulo and Jena’s breakup. “You are not disturbed, which means your child is the bad guy and you are w– acting. You all have your morals shaken.”

Jena Frumes said with quick reflection. They continue to be ignored, deceived and misled. Or, on the other hand, is it better to be silent so that people like you can approve?

Jena Frumes Instagram Story

Jena Frumes later shared an extended message in an Instagram story, claiming that all Jason Derulo needed was “a family to cherish and experience life,” but his cheating and indifference prevented it.

Jena Frooms
Credit: JENA FRUMES/Instagram

Women do not deserve to be treated and make judgments about their condition. No one wants to be a single parent. She is the biggest disaster and disappointment for me, who clearly knows that I am far from everyone else in this matter. But if the non-negotiable is being tested, you’ll never find a sense of reconciliation in the relationship, she wrote.

If a man continued to need another woman on behalf of his family, I would never admit it, we would never be able to ‘have fun’ with it, and I was told straight ‘turn the other cheek’. It is never right to share a lover you love with all your heart!!!” She continued.

Carefully explaining Jason Derulo’s reported disloyalty, Jena Frumes said: That s— is annoying. You have no idea what women go through to try and ‘make it work’. It’s never about making money or dating famous people… I fell in love and planned life with my baby! It didn’t work and life must go on. leave me alone

Jenna Froomes and Jason Derulo

Jena and Jason were famous for their on-off relationship. However, on May 8, 2021, after their first child together, the couple broke up forever in September of the following year after nearly two years of dating. At that point, Jason used social media platforms to announce the split. Jena and I decided to go in different directions, as we wrote in a post on Twitter in September. She’s an amazing mother, but we think breaking up now will make us the best selves we can be and the best parents we can be. Pls, please respect our privacy at this time.

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