Description: Did Johnny Depp confirm a new legal claim and support CBD Gummies?

Johnny Depp’s courtroom drama ended when he won a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. But here’s the endless online speculation about court photos bearing Johnny’s name.

This time, I was drawn to a sponsored Facebook ad depicting Johnny in a courtroom with CBD candy. So, did Johnny actually eat or promote this CBD jelly?

Paid Facebook ads also include parts of prominent publications where Johnny promoted CBD jelly. “The pharmaceutical giant outraged by Johnny Depp’s latest business – after winning a defamation trial!” Run the headlines.

Clinical, Condor, Eagle Hemp, Green Otter, Liberty, Oros, and Smilz are just a few of the CBD jellies recommended in this article. So the colorful candy got a lot of attention, but was Johnny actually eating CBD Gummies or was it all a scam?

Johnny Depp and his Jelly Lair: CBD or Plain Jelly?

Over the past few days, numerous rumors and fake news about the actor have been floating around the Internet. The aforementioned Facebook ads are the latest trend among internet users. There have been many pictures of Johnny eating what appears to be jelly, but the news shared on Facebook is completely groundless. During the trial, Johnny did not promote CBD jelly.

In fact, Johnny was simply tasting his gummy bears. It might be fun for some, but the photo shows Johnny stacking his gummy bears in a pyramid and snacking on them from time to time.

CBD jelly businesses often use fake Google reviews and images to create fake sponsored articles that look real to entice potential buyers. Johnny Depp isn’t the first celebrity to be imaged abused. Many other internet celebrities and celebrities have inadvertently misused their photos, videos, and identities in their CBD brand marketing, suggesting that the celebrity is a fan of the brand. For example, Oprah Winfrey’s name was linked to a brand of weight loss jelly that was later revealed to be a fake.

The past few months have been full of rumors about Johnny’s work and personal life. Recently, a YouTube video covering Johnny singing became a hot topic. Johnny Depp-Hallelujah was the title of the video.

Although it was advertised as a song sung by an actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, it turned out to be fake news.

Another court video has been released in which Johnny Depp jokes about Tourette’s condition. Rumors and speculations about the actor’s health circulated and gathered a lot of attention, but all were groundless.

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