Description: Is MrBeast giving away his private island to one of his subscribers?

Popular YouTuber MrBeast, known for giving out huge prizes and making films that cost billions of dollars, has surpassed 100 million subscribers on the platform, making him the second solo YouTuber.

What did he do to commemorate the happy event? In a recent YouTube video, he announced that he would award a private island to one lucky subscriber who succeeds in a series of tasks.

Issued on August 1, 2022.

Mr. Thanks to Beast, you can get your hands on a private island and $10,000 cash reward!

A YouTuber posted an offer on Twitter a few days ago and caught the attention of his followers. He tweeted:

“We’ve been working on a 100 million subscriber special all year round, this is the most expensive and crazy video in my history! I can’t wait to hit 100 million and upload this.”

On August 1, 2022, Mr. BEAST delivered the long-awaited news. Instead of being the second independent YouTuber with more than 100 million followers, he’ll be given a private island to one lucky subscriber, he revealed in a YouTube Shorts video.

In the video, Mr. Beast said, “I recently surpassed 100 million YouTube subscribers, and to celebrate this, I thought about a better way to celebrate than buying a sizable private island and competing with 100 random subscribers.”

He goes on to say that the upcoming video will be the “crazyest” video he has ever shot and will debut on Thursday, August 4th at 4pm EST.

The first commenter of the video will receive a prize of $10,000, he continued.

The YouTuber didn’t go into detail about how the randomly selected 100 followers were chosen or other aspects of what they expected to happen.

However, insights from the film suggest that this action may require participants to light a fire or swim.

Previous competitions hosted by MrBeast

That YouTuber spent a lot of money on promotions other than island merchandise.

He invited 200 randomly selected subscribers to compete for $500,000 in the “last person to quit” challenge in the previous competition. The final entrants leaving the circle were awarded $500,000 for the entire team of 100 men and 100 women in the video.

Subscribers and viewers were given various mini-challenges throughout the film.

Numerous related videos on MrBeast’s channel each have over 1 million likes. But the squid game challenge is still his favorite upload. The squid game video has an astonishing 277 million views at the time this article was written.

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