Deshaun Watson’s accuser’s attorney said two of his clients spoke of ‘Real Sports’ HBO records.

lawyer of 22 women suing Browns quarterback DeShawn Watson Two customers on Monday upcoming episode ~ Of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO.

The episode will be released at 10 PM on the same Tuesday with Watson participating. His first organized team activity practice After taking over him on March 18 Historic Deal with Houston Texas and gave him Full Guaranteed Five-Year Contract Valued at a Record $230 Million.

Twenty-four women charged Watson of molesting or sexual assault. massage appointmentAnd attorney Tony Buzbee represents 22 people who have brought civil actions against Watson. Repeatedly denying all wrongdoing And in a podcast posted on Monday, his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, detailed why he thinks his clients are innocent and should not be suspended by the NFL.

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“HBO approached us and asked if our customers would be interested in talking about the history of the Real Sports program,” Buzbee said in a statement to the Beacon Journal. “As is the case with law enforcement and the NFL, whether to speak publicly or not has been left up to the client to decide. Two people decided to do so. These women are some of the bravest and most courageous people I have ever met. This company is very proud to represent them.

“I was impressed with HBO’s diligence and commitment to impartiality during filming. Despite our requests, HBO refused to provide us with the questions they wanted to ask in advance. The company has been trying and winning civil lawsuits for 25 years and is very confident in these lawsuits.

“The evidence against Deshaun Watson continues to grow as each witness testifies during the pretrial discovery process. As they say, the walls are closing. We look forward to trying these cases in court as soon as possible. We I am very confident that in the end justice will come true.”

HBO has confirmed that the two men who accused Watson for the Beacon Journal will appear in the episode.

When the network released the episode on Friday, the press got the impression that more than one whistleblower would appear in the press release.

The initial announcement is as follows. “Several women who accused Deshaun Watson of sexual harassment attended the first national TV interview. In the report, they detail the allegations of abuse they suffered and share Watson’s response to a record $230 million. Cleveland Browns Contracted with. Reported by Soledad O’Brien. Producer: Max Gershberg.”

Although two women participated in the recording, not several, it is clear that the NFL will closely monitor the HBO program.

Two Texas grand jury reject Watson indictment on 10 criminal charges in MarchHowever, the league can still suspend him according to their personal behavior policy.

in an episode of “Between the Lines: Podcast on Sports and Law” Hardin, hosted by Gabe Feldman, said he thinks the grand jury’s decision means Watson shouldn’t be suspended based on his personal course of action.

“I’ve always assumed all publicity and everything,” Hardin told Feldman. “It’s going to be very difficult for the NFL to have the courage to do what I think I should do. This is undiscoverable.

“The grand jury did not return the bill. …the absence of a bill means that no probable cause could be found that there was evidence of criminal activity, and all plaintiff’s allegations of potential criminal activity were dismissed. rejected number 9 and another grand jury denied number 10.

“Our views on whether there is a violation or not [NFL’s] The code of conduct is actually already decided by the grand jury.”

Deshaun Watson listens to a question during a press conference at the Cleveland Browns facility.

On the podcast, Hardin maintained that any sexual activity Watson did during the massage was consensual.

“Deshaun said in his affidavit that there was sexual activity in only 3 of 22 cases, and that sexual activity was never coerced,” Hardin said.

“He says that’s what he claims very credibly, and I think the evidence will show it.”

Hardin did not reply to a voicemail from the Beacon Journal on Monday afternoon asking for comments on whether he or Watson interviewed HBO.

But a spokesperson for Hardin told the Beacon Journal that Watson had declined an interview with HBO. The NFL’s ongoing investigation. A spokeswoman said one of the lawyers at Hardin’s law firm, Leah Graham, conducted a brief interview with the network on Monday.

Watson interviewed NFL officials last week in Houston. Before inviting 20+ team members for bonding time and workouts in the Bahamas over the weekend.

Hardin said on a podcast that Watson and his lawyers met with the League for three days. Hardin also reiterated to Feldman. He gave two points last week. NFL wants another meeting Trusted by his clients and lawyers The league wants to make a decision this summer Whether to suspend Watson.

“[The NFL officials have] “Hardin kept saying on Feldman’s podcast that he wanted to ask more questions.” …there is no deadline. I wonder if the NFL will want to finish the investigation sometime this summer. But I don’t know if it’s June, August, or July.”

Obviously, what HBO said is likely to provoke further questions.

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