Destiny 2 Season of the Hunted brings back Leviathan and Solar 3.0.

No more guessing. Last minute leakBungie has shifted the timing of its official reveal and finally leaked information about Destiny 2 Season 17, a new experiment in near-complete secrecy ahead of its launch.

Today, with a new trailer, Bungie has finally revealed their real name, Season of the Haunted. The name has leaked from some circles beforehand, but no one knows if it’s legal or not. It was!

So, why did you hide that name? Well that could be about it what It’s the Leviathan Megaship from Calus. It was sunset when the pyramids arrived and Beyond Light struck, but they are now back in their “damaged” form this season, allowing them to communicate with dormant pyramids on the moon. Calus has some sort of plan to serve the dark. Perhaps it is an attempt to become a disciple like Rhulk. You have to stop him.

And we will do just that with Solar 3.0. In addition It had been hidden until this moment, but again there was a pretty steep clue pointing in that direction (once one of my predictions panned out).

There is a small amount of information about seasonal content that is released in just a few hours. List:

story: Leviathan has fallen and has fallen into darkness. We’ll go back to the old quarters like the Dogs/Throne room, now transformed. The story centers around Crow, Zavala and Caiatl confronting the old “Nightmare” demons that haunt them as Eris is haunted by her dead fireteam. The photos reveal Crow as Uldren, Caiatl as Ghaul, and Zavala as he may face his dead former love. Otherwise, you won’t be able to recognize her. I’ll have to check this out, but it looks like Leviathan could be real free-roam space right now, with parts brought back at least for this season (and possibly permanently).

nightmare isolation: We’re back on the moon to fight the nightmare. This isn’t an old nightmare hunt, it’s a battle that will take place somewhere in the newly corrupted Leviathan. This activity is free for all players. We’re not sure about the number of players yet, but Bungie has been mostly working with six players until recently.

Quit: This is a kind of paid season activity in which the player explores Leviathan’s underground to uncover the truth behind Calus’ plans and break the nightmare he controls. Not sure if this could be something similar to an expunged-type mission from the Splicer season.

Solar 3.0: There are no details other than being able to “light up the spark of creativity” with the aspect and fragment system. Many have speculated that the new elements are being kept secret because they relate to the story, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

booty: In the press release, we’ve seen images of the lunar-themed armor that is supposed to be the season’s base set, armor in the shape of an evil Ghost Rider that looks like high-end ornaments, and an image of the Void-like Solar Eververse set. We got last time. The new loot looks pretty evil and includes a new Scout Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Glaive, and Legendary Tracking Rifle. But most urgently, Bungie is bringing back four classic Menagerie weapons, the Calus MINI Tool, Beloved, Drang, and Ausringer, perhaps along with new perks and origin traits. There are also new scythes that players can wield, but I think they’re more like artifact weapons for activity, not real loot.

trespasser: The exotic that Bungie revealed was a coincidence that happened a few weeks ago. That’s the return of the Trespasser, Shiro-4’s exotic arc secondary weapon from Rise of Iron in Destiny 1. An exotic season pass available to all players.

Dungeon: There is no new information other than “the secret is thoroughly hidden”. I’d be a bit surprised if it wasn’t in Leviathan given the events of the season, but technically dungeons are not seasonal content and are purchased separately through the Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or as a special 2-dungeon pack. sale. So it can be really anywhere. I don’t believe dungeon loot or screenshots are listed in the press release.

It doesn’t sound like Arched Raids or Menagerie are returning to action, but the fact that they’re using some of the older areas and the ships are back in full might open up those doors along the way.

Even at this last minute, it’s clear that Bungie is keeping a lot of things secret about this season. Was all this worth the mystery and hype? I mean, logging in to find Calus’ spacecraft on the moon is a pretty big deal, but we’ll see how the season progresses here. From what I’ve heard here, it’s definitely exciting.

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